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  • ENERGIES-EXPO-FUEL-IT-stand-2023

    Energies Expo 2023: Welcome to Dijon!

    Energies Expo 2023: Welcome to Dijon! Excitement is running high at FUEL IT as we prepare to host the Salon Energies Expo 2023 in our [...]

  • silentsoft europe birdz four data iot monitoring

    FUEL IT revolutionizes gas supply with innovative telemetry solutions for the European market

    Introduction: Fuel it strengthens its expertise in connected objects with the acquisition of Energy Oil & Gas customers from BIRDZ and SILENTSOFT SA (European customer [...]

  • QR code fuel it cuve connectee

    QR Codes for connected tanks

    QR code, but what is it? It is a kind of barcode. This is an acronym for"Quick ResponseCode" and allows you to easily and instantly obtain [...]

  • Our company is evolving and becoming Four Data!

    New identity, new image, same products & services, same team 5 years after its creation, the original company named 4! (factorial) , change identity ! [...]

  • jauge fuel it avis cpe bardout temoignage

    Customer Testimonial – Interview 1: Mr David FOISSY – CPE Bardout

    What do our customers think of the Fuel it connected solution? Discover our interview N°1 with David FOISSY - Sales Manager at CPE BARDOUT [...]

  • Fuel it temoignage emmanuel ampaud

    Customer Testimonial – Interview 2: Mr Emmanuel AMPAUD – PIRETTI ENERGIES

    Who better than our customers to talk about the Fuel it solution? Discover our interview n°2 of Emmanuel AMPAUD - Manager of the company PIRETTI ENERGIES. [...]

  • Solution fuel it interview eric Layly

    Customer Testimony – Interview 3: Mr Eric LAYLY – ESLC ENERGIES

    Discover the Fuel it solution in a different way thanks to our interview with Eric LAYLY - General Manager of ESLC ENERGIES! [...]

  • Inauguration Four data - l'équipe

    Inauguration – Four Data takes flight!

    A move that marks an evolution 5 years after its creation, Four Data is now celebrating a new milestone: the [...]

  • lubrifiants - jauge de niveau

    Level gauge for lubricants

    Distributors or manufacturers of lubricants: you want to put an end to lubricant breakdowns? For you or your professional customers, Fuel-it offers you [...]

  • Wize alliance et Fuel it - jauge connectée émission radio

    Fuel it and Wize Alliance

    Fuel it: a new partnership! We are now members of the company Wize Alliance . The Wize Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the [...]

  • pump adblue gauge fuel it

    AdBlue level gauges

    Everyone talks about AdBlue, but what is it? In 2015, the European Euro6 standard came into force. Thus, all vehicles are subject to a certain pollution [...]


    Connected gauge for fuel distributors. Management tool for fuel distributors The connected sensor allows you to follow your consumption on a daily [...]

  • Location chaufferie et matériel BTP, comment lutter contre le vol et sécuriser ses engins de location dédié aux loueurs

    How to secure your boiler room rental equipment?

    Breakage and theft of boiler room rentals or professional equipment is still a concern today. A phenomenon that affects both users and renters and that has [...]

  • Matériel de location éco-responsable

    And if eco-responsible rhymes with rental equipment?

    Eco-responsible rental equipment: towards a greener business transition The ecological emergency is such that more and more companies are going green by implementing eco-responsible approaches. "The [...]

  • jauge connectée sur fûts d'huile

    3 reasons to try connected gauges on oil drums

    Controlling your lubes & oils with a connected gauge Discover the 3 reasons why our customers, manufacturers & distributors of lubricants, additives [...]

  • jauge connectée fuel it

    Fuel it connected gauge

    The Fuel it connected gauge.... A sensor that prevents breakdowns and much more! In this article you will discover that this connected gauge is. Easy to [...]

  • Jauge connectée pour toutes formes de cuve

    Connected gauges & IOT: Fuel it events to come!

    Fuel it takes advantage of the summer to prepare its return to school... And like every year, the whole team is organized to be [...]

  • FF3C my oil distributor

    FF3C: French Federation of Fuels and Heating. FF3C my oil distributor ! An organization to bring together professionals in energy distribution (outside the network). [...]

  • Connected gauge for rental companies

    Connected gauge and GPS sensor for rental companies Rental companies? The rental market According to INSEE figures, the rental market is a hot [...]

  • Jauge connectée et oléo100

    Fuel it and Oleo100 connected gauge

    Oleo100 : the 100% French rapeseed energy. New innovation: connected tanks, thanks to the intelligent Fuel it solution. Fuel it connected gauge [...]

  • Jauge connectée pour toutes formes de cuve

    Connected gauge for all types of tanks

    First of all, it is necessary to understand why and how it is possible to adapt a connected gauge for all forms of tanks. [...]

  • Jauge connectée pour toutes formes de cuve

    SIDO 2020: see you at booth E203!

    SIDO 2020: It's THE IoT, AI, robotics and XR event not to be missed! On the occasion of the SIDO 2020, meet the Fuel [...]

  • Jauge de niveau eau pluviale Fränkische

    Connected rainwater gauge

    A solution deployed by Fränkische 100% dedicated to the monitoring and management of rainwater. New innovation: connected structures! Connected gauge by [...]

  • No more running out of fuel with the connected gauge

    The fuel shortage Yes, a breakdown of fuel oil... it happens so quickly! (and we have experienced it: you remember our "little story ... of [...]


    Connected gauge for heating engineers! The benefits! Potentially offer better customer service, thanks to the anticipation, the rapidity of interventions... Allows [...]

  • Customer testimonials

    Our best comments Today we have collected our best customer testimonials! Discover a compilation of reviews left by our customers on our different networks. Concrete [...]

  • keolis Agde will run on rapeseed

    Great news for Fuel it! The public transport network "Keolis Agde" is experimenting a new solution of vegetable fuel on 9 buses of its network! [...]

  • Fuel it connected sensor for diesel tanks

    Level gauge for diesel ! You are a professional, a service station, a garage, a maintenance workshop, a dealer...? Do you have one or [...]

  • Oleo100 Special Testimonial

    Fuel it & Oléo100 A beautiful adventure that has just begun! - Special Oleo100 Testimonial Oléo 100, Saipol and Groupe Avril Oléo100 [...]

  • GNR (non road diesel) level gauge

    Fill up on CNG with Fuel it! The GNR (Non-Road Diesel) level gauge What is RNG (non-road diesel)? RNG is a fuel used in [...]

  • Connected gauge for tank manufacturers

    Tank manufacturers Connected gauge for tank manufacturers. Whether you are a manufacturer of all types of tanks (HDPE, PPH single/double wall, stainless steel...), manufacturer of [...]

  • application-mobile-fuel-it-nouveaute

    The new Fuel it mobile application

    Fuel it mobile application gets a makeover! We are pleased to announce the release of our new mobile application available on theApp Store and Play Store [...]

  • jauge-niveau-biofioul-fuel-it-f10-f30

    How to migrate your customers to Biofioul thanks to the connected gauges?

    How can you help your customers migrate to Biofioul by offering them new services? What is BioFioul ? The BioFioul is a [...]

  • jauge-connectée-pellet-tracker-granule-bois-niveau

    Pellet connected solution : How to follow your pellet level ?

    Pellet Connected Solution: Which sensors for tracking wood pellets? Pellet connected solution: telemetry and level gauge systems connected for hoppers and silos of pellet [...]

  • lpg-remote-tank-monitoring-europe-congress-telemetry-wplg

    Propane tanks: Fuel it will exhibit its monitoring solutions at the LPG Congress in Barcelona

    Fuel it will be present at the Europe LPG Congress 2022! Propane tanks: connected sensors Fuel it will exhibit at [...]

  • Adblue_telemetrie_tank_cuve_capteur_connecte_level_nox

    AdBlue tank telemetry solution

    Which connected solution for AdBlue® & IBC? What is AdBlue® fluid? The AdBlue® & IBC AUS32 tank telemetry systemsare fairly new. For [...]

  • cuves de propane GPL solutions de telemetrie jauge connectee

    Propane tank tracking: What connected solution for LPG?

    Which connected telemetry solution for propane tanks? Connected sensors for propane tanks: Telemetry systems and connected level gauges for propane [...]

  • Suivi du niveau de cuves que devient la solution visio-green

    Tank monitoring: What happens to the VISIO-GREEN solution?

    What happened to the VISIO-GREEN tank solution? In early 2020, VISIO-GREEN (company born from the merger of GPS Latitude and the cooperative group SCAEL) has been [...]

  • Implementation of Cyclevia: what will change with EPR on lubricants?

    Detail of the article and creation of CYCLEVIA: The French government decided in the law n° 2020 -105 of February 10, 2020 [...]

  • VRACTECH 2021: FOUR DATA at booth HB-A64 !

    On the occasion of VRACTECH, meet the FOUR DATA team on its booth HB-A64 ! Don't forget to take your ticket! [...]

  • Energie expo 2021 fuel it jauge connectée iot word lora sigfox nbiot lte m tank monitoring level

    Energies Expo 2021: Fuel it will be present!

    On the occasion of Energies Expo 2021, meet the Fuel it team on its booth n°17! Don't forget to take your ticket! [...]

  • developpeur plateformes fueldesk fuelsens

    Charles, new developer at Fuel it

    Another new developer for the Soft team! Jobs & Missions Charles has joined the Fuel it team on a permanent contract [...]

  • Jauge connectée fuel it et oléo100 - partenariat


    Press and Media Oléo100 - Fuel it partnership Download the Fuel it & OléO 100 brand images below. For any request please contact Valetine at [...]

  • Valentine Fuel it - objets connectés

    Valentine comes to your service, for the installation of the connected sensors!

    A new recruit at Fuel it: Valentine, in the customer service of connected objects! Jobs & Missions Valentine joined us on [...]

  • arrivée francois - fuel it

    A commercial connected object: Welcome to François!

    A new recruit at Fuel it: François Clément, Sales Director for connected objects. Jobs & Missions François has joined the Fuel-it [...]

  • Fuel it vœux 2020

    Greetings from Fuel it connected objects

    The connected tank gauge wishes you a happy new year. All our wishes ! The whole team of Fuel it, leader in connected level gauge for [...]

  • Fuel it will be present at the event “the Fuel of tomorrow

    "The fuel oil of tomorrow": an event not to be missed! Fuel it will be present at the event "the fuel oil of tomorrow" on Friday, [...]

  • rentrée 2019 fuel it

    2019 events for the Fuel it connected gauge

    A busy September for the Fuel it connected level gauge This year, September 2019 is shaping up to be a busy one with events and presentations [...]

  • simon ses missions fuel it

    An electronics technician at Fuel it: Welcome to Simon!

    Position & missions discover the missions of Simon who joined us as a project manager for embedded electronics. Various tasks are entrusted to him, such [...]

  • partenaire fuel it : valeur tech

    Fuel-it and Valeur Tech launch partnership for Ukrainian Agro Holdings

    New partner for Fuel it! One more partner! Fuel-it and Valeur-Tech launched their first joint trials this week [...]

  • Fuel it at Sido Connected Objects Lyon

    Fuel it teams will be at Sido! The connected objects event that will take place on April 10 and 11 in Lyon. Our booth will be [...]


    Fuel it officially on sale on

    Good news for Fuel it: on sale on Agriconomie ! The Fuel it team has some happy news to share with you! Yep, it's official, the [...]

  • fuel it assemblée générale jeunes agriculteurs de Côte d'Or

    Fuel it to participate in the General Assembly of the young farmers of côte d’or

    Fuel it participates in the general assembly On Friday March 1st, Fuel it participated in thegeneral assembly of the Young Farmers of Côte d'Or It was [...]

  • assemblée générale caisse crédit agricole Dijon

    Fuel it present at the general assembly of the local Crédit Agricole / Dijon

    Fuel it participates in a general assembly Fuel it to participate in the general meeting of the local banks of the Crédit Agricole de Dijon, on [...]

  • Monthly news – July summary

    The monthly news continues! Here are our best advances for the month of July: Human Resources level Let's start with [...]

  • logo sigfox partner naetwork

    Fuel it joins the Sigfox partner network!

    A great news to start the month of August: we have just been referenced on the Sigfox partner network! Go to our Sigfox partner page The [...]

  • Francois du Garreau and Capucine Dubreuille in front of the kakemono de fuel it, first level sensor connected

    The Fuel it kakemono has arrived

    As we announced in the July monthly news, we went to get the kakemono this morning. Kakémono of excellent quality, which you will find on our [...]

  • Our connected level sensors are going crazy!

    ... in a wonderful handmade packaging! For our first deliveries, Capucine makes the packaging manually. With a finish worthy of the greatest jewellers, the packaging looks [...]

  • The last tests of the sensor’s consumption are carried out

    Final check-up of the gauges connected before installation on oil tanks Before we send our first connected level sensors, we perform a complete check-up. A control [...]

  • The first video tutorials are released

    To make your life as easy as possible, we've made some pretty explanatory videos for you that are available on our YouTube channel. Here are the [...]

  • owner of an oil tank, 10 terms to remember

    Owner of a fuel tank? 10 terms to remember

    Many parts make up your fuel tank, but you still need to know what they are called and what they are used for. We will see [...]

  • Capucine Dubrueille Business cards

    Beautiful cards for beautiful contacts

    The Fuel it team is getting new business cards! To be used at trade fairs, at conferences, to be distributed to customers, visitors, or to decorate [...]

  • Monthly news – August summary

    August was another busy month for our team! Here is a summary of our progress over the past month. Our general evolution [...]

  • How does it work to maintain your oil-fired boiler?

    The maintenance of an oil boiler must be carried out once a year. These checks are essential for the proper functioning of your installation, to ensure [...]

  • open4startup fuel it - incubation nicephore cite - fuel it winner

    Fuel-it wins the 1st IoT prize of the OPEN4STARTUP competition

    Connected gauge wins a competition in Chalon We are very pleased to announce Fuel-it's victory in the OPEN4STARTUP competition organized by Nicephore cité Chalon in the [...]

  • Fuel-it is recruiting

    Fuel it is recruiting a passionate developer!

    The Fuel-it team is moving towards the industrialization phase! We are looking for the rare pearl to boost the development of the project. [...]

  • monthly news september fuel it

    Monthly news – September summary

    It's back to school! And Fuel it is off to a great start this school year! The first pre-production run is over and we are working [...]

  • Fuel-it is recruiting

    Fuel it is recruiting an Electronics Engineer!

    The Fuel-it team is getting closer to the industrialization phase! We are looking for a top engineer to help us in our adventure. [...]

  • bourse french tech - fuel it

    Obtaining the French Tech grant!

    The French Tech scholarship is one of the mechanisms set up by the BPI France to support innovation in France. Launched in 2014 following one of [...]

  • Monthly News – October Recap

    It's winter .... brrrr! Don't worry, we're here! A busy month for Fuel-it! Here is a summary of our progress for the month of October. The [...]