How can you help your customers migrate to Biofioul by offering them new services?

What is BioFioul ?

The BioFioul is a newly created energy in France. It is composed in part of traditional domestic fuel oil to which is added a share of renewable energy based on methyl rape ester (7% or 30%).

Thus, this liquid biofuel is mainly used to feed boilers. It is then substitutable for the fossil fuel oil used until now and delivered in domestic tanks.

As of July 1, 2022, F30 biofuel (30% integrated rapeseed oil) will be used in new boilers.

It will also be able to supply old boilers if the burner is changed. F7 (between 5 & 7% rapeseed) could be generalized from 2024 and eventually replace fossil fuel oil.

This migration aims to reduce the carbon footprint and limit the pumping of resources into the heating market. Approximately 3.5 million households still heat with fuel oil and will gradually switch to biofuel. Therefore, responding to theThe issue of carbon neutrality is crucial. Only equipment emitting less than 300 g CO2 eq/kWh PCI can now be installed in residential and tertiary buildings.

AdBlue tank telemetry solution

Do I have to change my current tank for Biofioul and my connected gauge ?

The change from traditional “fossil” fuel oil to BioFioul does not automatically require a change of tank.

The tests carried out in the laboratory since 2021 have validated the compatibility of the steel and HDPE tank types with this new biofuel.

On the other hand, a cleaning of the tank will be recommended if the storage has accumulated sedimentation and/or water. We therefore recommend that you contact your distributor or your usual heating engineer. Moreover, if your tank is already equipped with an automatic measuring gauge (ultrasonic or radar) it will not be necessary to change it. Fuel it connected gauges work for Biofioul without any reservation. Most of them are already installed on B100 biofuel.

How to help consumers to switch to Biofioul?

The switch to Bifioul will not be complicated for consumers who aspire to decarbonize their heating system!

The integration of Biofioul does not require a change of tank, nor of connected gauges (if they already have one). Only one burner change will be necessary.

Fuel distributors engaged in this green mini-revolution must push their customers towards this change. The objective: to reduce heating systems that are expensive to buy and to use.

Some people understand the importance of encouraging this migration and are starting to promote this biofuel. In this context, it is relevant to green its fuel with BioFioul but even more to green the way distributors work. Reducing truck miles is an important issue. Fewer delivery trucks and optimized routes are all ways to decarbonize your business.

The best way to do this is to use connected gauges at its customers’ sites.
Optimize routes and provide services for its BioFioul customers.

That’s why, since the adoption of Bifioul and its recognition in February 2022, Fuel it offers a complete Remote Tank Monitoring solution (hardware, software & service) for all BioFioul containers.

Its new gauge specially designed for traditional 3G/4G networks provides strong coverage at a lower price.
Offering a gauge to each customer who switches to Biofioul is a strong incentive to go through the transition

energy transition !



Don’t miss a simple way to encourage your customers to switch to Bifioul!

Offer a special BioFioul connected gauge ! Decarbonize your business and bring loyalty and new services that will quickly pay off!