Connected gauge for fuel distributors.

Management tool for fuel distributors

The connected sensor allows you to follow your consumption on a daily basis, but also to follow your refills.

All data is visible via a SaaS software.

This solution allows for a simplified inventory.

This makes it easier to adjust the routes and avoid emergencies.

Connected gauge for fuel distributors: operational optimization

Thanks to the control of consumption information, anticipate your organization and the planning of tasks.

Anticipate disruptions and prioritize your customers’ requests. You are alerted when the criticality threshold of a customer is reached (2 thresholds: minor and major, configurable).

This makes it easier to adjust the routes and avoid emergencies.

Build customer loyalty

Offer your customers the opportunity to get a space to view their tanks.

The customer interface is 100% customizable to your colors for the visualization of the liquid levels.

Let them also benefit from a secure online ordering.

Easy to install

Our connected fuel dispenser gauge is very easy to install, you can do it yourself (but you can also get help, over the phone, from one of our consultants).

Simply screw the sensor onto the tank and activate it with a magnet… and it’s done! All that remains is to set up the tank on your interface.

Our solution is adaptable to almost all tanks and our batteries are guaranteed for 5 years.

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