Connected gauge for heating engineers!

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The benefits!

Potentially offer better customer service, thanks to the anticipation, the rapidity of interventions…

Allows to collect key data to, for example, create a database on the operation of a particular brand of boiler.

This solution allows a simplified inventory.

But alsoincrease your productivity through better decision making and faster reaction.

The benefits of the Fuel it solution

With our connected solution, heating engineers can then:

  • To control and follow, daily, the information of consumption but also to follow the fillings.
  • Anticipate disruptions and prioritize customer requests. You are alerted when the criticality threshold of a customer is reached (2 thresholds: minor and major, configurable).
  • This makes it easier toadjust the routes and avoid emergencies.
  • In addition, the sensor can also detect thefts and oil leaks and thus alert the heating engineer in case of need.

Solution proposal: connected gauge for heating engineers

The Fuel it connected sensor

It allows you (or your clients) to

  • to follow the information, in real time, of the level of fuel remaining in the tank
  • send alerts before the fuel runs out
  • to warn & alert the heating engineer or the customer in case of theft or leakage of fuel oil in the tank.

The Fuel it connected button

It allows your client to :

to alert of a breakdown or a need for fuel oil

  • By email by pressing the button on the right. A scheduled email is sent directly to the delivery person to easily order fuel oil
  • By SMS by pressing the left button. Then the programmed SMS is sent directly to the heating engineer to report a failure or an incident on the tank or boiler.

FuelDesk & FuelSens interfaces

All the data from the tanks with sensors are visible via SaaS software.

  • Give your customers the ability to get a space to view their tanks with the FuelSens interface. (I100% customizable client interface with your colors!)
  • Benefit from a professional FuelDesk space that allows you to have an easy view on all your sensors and be alerted when needed.

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Already more than 100 heating professionals are using the Fuel it connected solution…

So why not you?