La Poste is launching thefirst support program for the Internet of Things, bringing together start-ups, major groups and local ecosystems in a collaborative innovation approach.

Fuel-it submitted its application tonight in the “Smart Home” theme.

To apply, La Poste asks candidates to make a video to explain the project. So we spent two days shooting this video in the FabLab and at Julien’s house. Here are some pictures of the shooting from the inside:

Manu records his voice with a microphone. An external microphone makes it possible to record a sound of quality.

We are at Julien’s, Mathias donned his hat and scarf to play the role of the individual with a breakdown of fuel oil.

What do you think? When does this scene appear in the video? You found ? That’s when the latest version of the prototype turns on itself. To make this scene, we positioned a cardboard sheet on a microwave tray. (Fortunately we find everything in a FabLab). It only remained to find a white background (a large polystyrene plate does the trick) to have a perfect scene.

You will also have noticed that the majority of the scenes are shot in the Kelle Fabrik FabLab that we have integrated.

Many thanks to Arnaud for all the help he has given us.

We will keep you informed when the results of the contest, meanwhile, do not hesitate to share this video on social networks. ;)

Participation at the concours French IOT