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A beautiful adventure that has just begun! – Special Oleo100 Testimonial

Oléo 100, Saipol and Groupe Avril

Oléo100 is the first 100% vegetable energy, made in France.

Their 100% organic fuel is produced from French rapeseed in the Saipol plants, belonging to the Avril Group.

B100 is a renewable energy that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and to the development of French territories. This alternative to fossil fuels ensures performance and cost equivalent to diesel. So what’s their advantage? Reduced environmental impact through a smaller carbon footprint and improved air quality!

To learn more, visit their website:

Fuel it and Oléo100: an obvious collaboration

Although it may not seem like it, Fuel it shares much more than just tanks with Oleo100!

It is our values and commitments that are reflected in their corporate mission.

Indeed, Fuel it is a 100% French start-up and this is our strength since we have all the resources in-house. At Fuel it, everything has been thought, created, manufactured and tested in-house. This is why we are able to carry out tailor-made, concrete and sometimes unique projects from A to Z.

In addition, the environment is something Fuel it is committed to as our connected gauge helps reduce carbon footprint.

For example, by having a daily follow-up of your consumption. This allows for a more accurate measurement which then helps to regulate the fuel consumption and thus to adapt it. Our connected sensor also promises better organization for professionals, especially for their deliveries. Thus, by organizing the rounds as well as possible, it allows to reduce both its fuel expenses and its carbon footprint, because the rounds are optimized…

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Oléo100 and Fuel it are proud to share this adventure together.

With the support of large groups (Avril, Saipol), Oléo100 helps Fuel it to develop on the market as shown in our recent article on “Keolis Agde will run on rapeseed” (

to be found here


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In addition, our teams have a good relationship and are interested in working together!

Thank you to the entire D’oléo100 team for their great testimonial.

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