A fuel gauge is a measuring instrument to tell you how much fuel oil is available in your tank. There are different gauges more or less evolved. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

1) The graduated slat:

This measuring instrument is currently the most widely used on the market. A simple graduated ruler that will allow you to know approximately your fuel level.

Disadvantage: Tank not always accessible, very rustic, no data concerning your fuel oil.
Price : 10€ for the first time

graduated slat for oil tank

2) The float or mechanical gauge:

This gauge consists of a float connected to a dial. The float will drop as the oil level in the tank decreases, causing a pull on the rope as well as on the dial pointer.

Disadvantage: Unconnected data. No help for decision making.
Price : about 25 €.

3) The pressure sensor, or pneumatic gauge:

This sensor works thanks to the depression due to the oil level in the tank, and generated by a small manual pump.

Disadvantage: These gauges do not have more features than mechanical gauges while being much more expensive…
Price : Between 75 € and 200 €.

electronic gauge for fuel tank

4) The electronic gauge:

This gauge, coupled with a second box, will inform you directly on the level of oil remaining in your tank. If you can’t send alerts on your smartphone or even by email, it will display this information on its little box.

Disadvantage: These gauges are not connected to the internet, again, no decision support is provided. Moreover, their range is quite small.
Price: 150 €.

5) The connected oil sensor :

This ultrasonic sensor is not only very accurate but also connected to the internet.

This sensor coupled with the free Fuel-it interface will be able to tell you about :

  • Data about your tank. (Percentage of filling of your tank, number of remaining liters, daily, weekly, monthly or annual consumption).
  • A forecast of the number of days left before the tank needs to be refilled.
  • Your daily oil consumption according to the outside temperatures.
visu dashboard website Fuel-it
ultrasound sensor connected for fuel' tank

This sensor connected under Sigfox or Lora of fuel oil, GNR, gasoil, AdBlue also serves as an alarm. In fact, in case of abnormal fuel consumption you will automatically receive an alert by email or telephone informing you of this anomaly.

Price: about 245€ with subscription link to see the product

This sensor uses the latest 0G Sigfox or Lora communication technology. To test this sensor at home in preview, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.