The Fuel it solution for fuel distributors

Equip your depots!

Equip your customers!

The issues

  • Avoiding breaks

  • Plan tours

  • Optimize your time

  • Avoid peaks in activity

  • Reduces the fleet of trucks

The uses

For professionals we offer a set of gauges and a SaaS software solution:

  • The sensors are connected on the same dashboard and allow you tohave access to their different levels on a daily basisand indicate the time before breakage.
  • The Fuel it dashboard helps you prioritize your customers’ needs according to criteria (strategic customers, location, fuel type, professional or private customers)
  • Fuel it service is compatible with your ERP and management system
  • Allows to propose optimized tours
  • Allows to contact the customer directly and to propose specific tariff offers
  • A secure system (GRPD compliance)
  • Data to generate dashboards

More than 250 customer fuel distributors!

BLANDINE DUPONT (21), Retail Fioul Bourgogne

Before the installation of the probes, we spent every week in winter digging the tanks of the buildings in Dijon to ensure that they would not fail. By installing the connected gauges, we save time in winter and simplify our organization.


I log on every morning to the FuelDesk platform to check the level of my tanks and of my main customers who have delegated the management to me. I used to come by every two weeks or so to check. Since I have the probes, I have been able to reduce the number of deliveries and avoid several emergencies!


I tested the gauges on my depot and then rented them to my managed clients. I think it’s a great opportunity to thank them by offering them a new service and to manage the approaches. I had the platforms put in the colors of BR Fioul