Eco-responsible rental equipment: towards a greener business transition

The ecological emergency is such that more and more companies are going green by implementing eco-responsible approaches.

“The environment, #1 priority for generations Y and Z announces the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2020”. It is understandable that our current society feels more and more the importance and the need to act. And companies are more than ever expected to address environmental and ecological issues!

This challenge is even more important in the equipment rental sector.

Indeed, the carbon footprint of some machines can sometimes be quite heavy. It is in this sense that the rental industry is now beginning to offer “green” solutions, eco-responsible electric or hybrid solutions.

But there are many obstacles to change, so how do you remove the reluctance?

What challenges does the equipment rental industry face?

The rental of professional equipment is a growing sector and in constant increase.

According to the latest

barometer of the National Federation of

of distributors, renters and repairers of construction, public works and handling equipment (DLR), the rental sector recorded a 3.6% increase in turnover.

Despite the health crisis, all companies have experienced difficulties in their activities. However, this period also brought new opportunities and the rental and handling sector exploded.

Fédération nationale des distributeurs, loueurs et réparateurs de matériels de bâtiment, de travaux publics et de manutention

However, many professions and companies have had to adapt.

For several years, the rental of professional construction equipment has seen the emergence of digital platforms and new tools.

New technologies are also at the heart of the concerns of rental professionals: IoT, artificial intelligence, big data… more and more solutions exist and are designed for construction and rental companies. Thus, rental companies will have to work with these tools which will be essential for management systems for example.

But other challenges must be taken up by this profession which must face, in particular, the expectations of local authorities.

In 2021, several cities will introduce low-emission zones to restrict the most polluting vehicles. It is specified that “Only the most polluting vehicles (identified by the system of Air Quality Certificates or Crit’air stickers), whether their use is professional or personal, are concerned.”

This is the case in the Gard, for example, which has already put in place measures to limit access to city centers to the most polluting vehicles.

Adapted solutions

In order to adapt to these measures, some large groups have decided to think about solutions adapted to the challenges of Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

This is the case of Enedis and Schneider Electric France who have collaborated to create the first “Zero Emission Generator”. An alternative solution to traditional rental equipment.

In addition to being “green”, it allows to have a continuous power source during the cuts for work on the public electricity distribution network.

To learn more, read this article:

“Enedis unveils first zero-emission generator”

Kilout is not to be outdone, since now “yellow also comes in green”! This is the new advertising campaign of the group that works for more responsible, even eco-responsible, construction sites.

Their range named “


“is a new range of high performance electric and hybrid rental equipment. A new position that seems to be bearing fruit since it is part of their most popular range of products.

This positioning is not insignificant since Kiloutou has also announced an ambitious environmental action plan with a goal of reducing direct C02 emissions by 40% by 2030 until carbon neutrality is achieved in 2050!

des solutions ecoresponsables pour les loueurs de matériel

What about Fuel it Rent?

Fuel it Rent is THE provider of connected sensors and web platform for equipment rental companies.

Our eco-responsible approach ?

By offering our connected solution to visualize your entire fleet in one click, develop your customer service, optimize your operational management and your maintenance interventions… It is:

  • Optimize logistics = Reduce trucks on the road
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Discover our solutions dedicated to eco-friendly rental equipment!

Eco-responsible rental equipment, the essential points :

The rental sector is a market in full mutation initiated by the young generations who carry the values of the current society. The rental companies want to be more and more responsible and committed to the planet. We feel that their communications are more “green”, ecological and eco-responsible.

The major groups and other rental companies are investing in the future of less polluting construction sites with the appearance of more and more hybrid or electric machines (such as Kiloutou, Loxam, Acess-industrie, Kaeser compressors, Klubb or versalift).

The ecological steps are thus well on the way, but will the eco-responsible rental equipment be able to answer all the constraints of the customers while remaining reliable & durable?