Breakage and theft of boiler room rentals or professional equipment is still a concern today.

A phenomenon that affects both users and renters and that has which was reinforced during the COVID-19 containment period.

Theft or breakage of equipment can cause major delays on professional or construction sites. So, and make your life easier in the rental of boilers for professionals?

Thousands of rental equipment are stolen every year… Why?

Thefts of boiler room rental equipment, a well-known but generally little publicized fact. However, in 2020 an investigation by LCI showed that “ thefts on construction sites have multiplied during the first containment ” !

According to several surveys, the theft of rental equipment (boilers, mobile heating systems, hot/cold units, etc.) is on the rise. This figure is particularly high for the most expensive equipment. In addition, the majority of rental equipment does not have a license plate, which makes it difficult to track.

Indeed, sometimes, some rental equipment is found in pieces or several kilometers from the site where it was stolen.

Sometimes, however, the police are able to recover the stolen rental equipment. But these cases are rare since most of the stolen construction equipment is not equipped with detection or tracking solutions.

Victim of theft… What to do?

In order to save time for investigators, the government website offers tofile a pre-complaint online!

This service is put in service to allow the victims of theft, degradations, swindles.. to declare the facts for which the identity of the author is unknown.

Here is the link to this service:

It is reminded that the complaint will be validated only after a visit to a police station or a gendarmerie in order to sign the deposit made online.

Attention, in case of emergency call directly the 17 or 112.

Rental equipment boiler room theft report online complaint

Renting a boiler room or mobile boiler… how to protect your equipment?

To secure your rental equipment, solutions exist and can be put in place to reduce the risks.

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In conclusion, what should be done?

It is therefore important to be careful with your expensive rental equipment.

To ensure the security of your equipment you can multiply different measures such as: limit the entrances/exits of the site, block the roads or create an enclosure around the site, add locked containers, adopt a guarding solution…

However, if your budget is limited and you do not want to multiply the measurements, the ideal is to locate your materials with a tracking solution.

Even if this option will never prevent theft, it will allow you to protect yourself and avoid the risks as much as possible. It will allow you to keep an eye on your equipment and to be alerted or to find it more quickly during an investigation.

In addition, this solution has several advantages since you can improve the management of your rental property.