Fuel it was at Viva Technology during May 24-25-26!

An opportunity for visibility and meetings for the Fuel it start-up thanks to the Viva Technology 2018 trade show, on the BFC (Bourgogne Franche-Comté) digital stand. These days allowed us to meet the actors within our own region, to discover new companies everywhere in France and abroad, as well as to exchange with professionals and to gain precious contacts!

“It’s always a pleasure to participate in shows like Viva technology. Nicéphore Cité offered us a great opportunity! An extraordinary welcome, a dynamic team, a perfect and warm organization! The image of our region was excellent, and we are delighted!” underlines Capucine Dubreuille.

The technological diversity exhibition

There is a reason why the Viva Technology show attracts so many people. It is incredible to see the technological diversity existing in France and abroad. Various fields from medical to leisure to luxury, there is something for everyone!

Strange robots, with the most astonishing capacities, punctuated the course. A pleasure for the eyes and a bath of discovery.

Here is a small return in pictures on the whole show.

An opportunity for Fuel it to animate a presentation on the BFC digital stand and to dialogue with professionals.

Fuel it meets again with Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital!

We had already met Mounir Mahjoubi during his start-up tour in Dijon, and it was a pleasure to talk to him again about our connected oil tank gauge solution.

Always so interested, we told him about our progress in 2018.

“Since the last time we saw him, he confided that he had many ideas for applications for the Fuel it sensor (water level detection, milk detection, etc)!” François du Garreau.

A huge thank you to Viva Technology for these days!

We would like to thank Nicéphore Cité and BFC Numérique again for allowing us to participate in the Viva Technology exhibition. The welcome was so warm! An extraordinary organization that allows start-ups to develop and move towards a promising future!

Many thanks!

See you soon for new adventures! :)