Great news for Fuel it!

The public transport network “Keolis Agde” is experimenting a new solution of vegetable fuel on 9 buses of its network!
(And Fuel it is part of it!!)

Vegetable fuel (B100) by Oléo 100 & Groupe Avril

More ecological than diesel and less expensive than electric solutions, this fuel is produced from rapeseed oil.

It is a solution of Oléo 100, produced by the French group Avril. This test initiates a gesture of more towards the environment since the production is French, and comes in particular from Occitania. A sustainable approach that favors short circuits with local and renewable productions.

If the experiment is successful, the entire fleet (180 vehicles) could switch from diesel to this environmentally friendly fuel as early as next year, in Agde and Sète.

According to the Avril Group, which produces Oleo 100, this fuel “reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% and fine and ultrafine particle emissions by up to 80%” compared to traditional diesel fuel. Thus, it emits almost the same emissions as diesel but is better in terms ofCO2 emissions from well to wheel, and above all, it supports French agriculture.

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And Fuel it in all that then?!

This 100 French experience continues in this sense… Oléo 100, one of our partners has equipped this tank with a Fuel it sensor!

We are proud to be at the heart of a project like this. Indeed, strong French and environmental values are present. Strong concepts that are part of our commitments!

So thank you to Groupe Avril and Oléo 100 for positioning us on this operation, which we hope will be a success!

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For more information, an article has been written on the Bus&Car website: