Discover the Fuel it solution in a different way thanks to our interview with Eric LAYLY – General Manager of ESLC ENERGIES!

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Introduce yourself:

Hello, my name is Eric LAYLY, and I run the company ESLC.

Why adopt the Fuel it solution?

For the past two years, we have been installing connected gauges in condominiums, particularly in the Alpes-Maritimes, which we use to organize automatic deliveries for our customers.

How does the Fuel it solution help you in your daily life?

We use the Fuel it platform, the Fuel it gauges. It is a solution that allows us to optimize our rounds and to prevent our customers from breaking down.

In these condominiums, there is no longer a janitor to manage the volume of fuel oil. This helps us to offer an automatic delivery service to our customers. Here is the Fuel it solution

What I like is both the gauge itself, very easy to install as well as the web platform which is very user friendly and easy to use.

Any comments?

The QR code solution allows our drivers when they arrive at the condominium before the delivery to flash the QR code and know the available hollow. That’s great! And it helps to avoid fuel spills.

The ESLC Group – A “desire for proximity

The CLEC Group is an independent fuel distributor and gas supplier. It is based mainly in the south-east of France and operates several brands: Streichenberger, Fuel Littoral, ESLC Provence, Tarentaise Fioul, Revillard, Sopac, Pastor, Gaz et Solutions, Perrimond, Lub Services, EGP.

“Proximity, reactivity and competitiveness are the daily objectives of the company.

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The CLEC Group

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A big thank you to Mr. LAYLY, for his precious testimony!

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