Oleo100 : the

100% French rapeseed energy.

New innovation: connected tanks,

thanks to the intelligent Fuel it solution.

Fuel it connected gauge and Oléo100: a global partnership announced of 1800 gauges

Oléo 100 will deploy 1,800 tanks by 2023 with this intelligent solution for managing customer needs!

Since the end of 2018, Saipol -a subsidiary of the Avril Group- has been marketing Oleo100!

Oleo100 is the first B100 energy made entirely from rapeseed . The energy is produced and processed in France, for heavy vehicles.

From now on, the brand innovates and offers the free provision of a connected tank!
For all their customers (road transporters, local authorities, bus operators, waste collectors, etc.), Oleo100 now equips its tanks with a Fuel it connected gauge.

Fuel it: a turnkey SaaS software solution

To carry out this innovation, the subsidiary of the Avril group relied on the technology of the young company Fuel it.

As a result, in 2016 we designed a complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution. The Fuel it solution is therefore based on a gauge connected via the new Sigfox & Lora networks. (Networks dedicated to connected objects).

This gauge is made in EU and patented. It allows to know the level of a tank at a distance, and thusoptimize deliveries or study precisely the consumption of each customer. The data from the sensors is sent directly to a web interface. This one has been dedicated to Oleo100 and allows them to quickly visualize all their tanks under management.

Thanks to this turnkey solution, VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) contracts could be pushed through,” says Benjamin Devun, Oleo100-Saipol Technical Manager.

He adds that “theFuel it’s industrial solution has allowed us to equip our customers’ tanks and to offer them a direct and remote management of their supply. Our customers are demanding this type of solution

Oleo100’s consumer customers can in fact leave the management of their energy needs in their own hands. They can also make their replenishment request directly via the customer interface.

Mr. Blin, Process & Energy Engineer for Oleo100 confirms that ” Fuel it has been able to provide simple and adapted tools. Both for us and for our clients. From now on, the customer has a dedicated interface where he has access to his tank farm and can follow his consumption. Because it brings a concrete solution, improves our service to customers, this solution brings a real added value.

Fuel it and Oleo100 connected gauge: a committed partnership!

Produced entirely from local and traceable biomass, Oleo100 energy actively contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Using a calculation method certified by Bureau Veritas, the energy company claims a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 80% reduction in particulate emissions for heavy-duty vehicles.

Also, this fuel allows a commitment to the local economy thanks to a French rapeseed origin.

plus, let’s not forget the connected gauge solution! Which is also part of this approach to reducing harmful emissions. In fact, by managing to avoid emergency deliveries and by making the rounds as fluid as possible, fewer trucks are put on the road.

Connected fuel it and oleo100 gauge - partnership
Connected fuel it gauge on oleo100 tank
connected sensor fuel it green oleo100

The genesis of the project

Connected gauge and Oleo100: a partnership that lasts!

The design of this adapted solution was done upstream, hand in hand, between Saipol and Fuel it.

A test phase was implemented in 2018. Proven successful, Fuel it’s SaaS software was easily adapted to Oleo100’s needs as time went on. As well as the interface which has been customized with the company’s colors.

Finally, the software offered by Fuel it continues to adapt thanks to a system of modules. They are grafted onto the data feedback interface.

Yann de la Roche Saint André, Director of Operations at Fuel it follows this partnership and insists on the keys of the project: “The success of this partnership was based primarily on our ability to adapt to the specific needs of the client. We were able to show them that our interface is adaptable. But also that we had the capacity to accompany them over time on larger volumes while remaining flexible to their demands.

And for the rest of the partnership: Oleo100 x Fuel it

Geoffroy Pertuisot, Digital Innovation Manager within the Avril Group IT Department, concludes ” Oleo100 and more generally the Avril group is committed to the deployment of IoT solutions that have a real purpose of improving customer service. The Fuel it solution was attractive because it was complete from start to finish and scalable according to the group’s needs. We are also thinking about other use cases in the group, as connected sensors and IoT in general are a strong source of opportunities.

Brochure, press release and concept in one image

press release fuel it and Oleo100 connected gauge

Press release Oleo100 Fuel it 22.06.2020

Connected gauge and oleo100

More information on https://fuel-it.io/presse/oleo100