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Installed without the help of a technician, the sensor is screwed in place of the cap of your tank  and sends you the consumption information on your Fuel it platform. Suitable for fuel, heating oil, GNR, AdBlue, Wood pellet, LPG (propane, etc.)

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And allows your customers to access their information

The FuelSens space, intended for end users, is used to give your customers access to their tank data (display space of 4 tanks maximum), all while respecting the DGMP. This space allows you to control your alerts and settings.

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Remote Tank Monitoring Credentials

The FuelSens solution for your professional or private customers

Thanks to the data collected, we inform your professional customers (apartment buildings, farmers, transporters, public works) and individuals of their consumption, the dates of potential breakdowns and the contact details of their preferred delivery person: YOU!

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