What happened to the VISIO-GREEN tank solution?

In early 2020, VISIO-GREEN (company born from the merger of GPS Latitude and the cooperative group SCAEL) has been acquired by the company SENCROP! SENCROP then became one of the most important players in the market of connected objects for the agricultural sector.

Among its many solutions: the VISIO-GREEN solution for tanks (pressure sensor). This solution allowed to follow the remaining fuel level at a distance in order to avoid breakdowns during crucial periods of activity.

When VISIO-GREEN was acquired by SENCROP, the weather station gauges were fully integrated (approximately 1,800 agrometeorological stations in 2020) allowing SENCROP to increase its geographical coverage! However, the VISIO-GREEN solution for tanks was not part of the integration plan, making them unusable in 2021.

What to do? Here is the Fuel it solution, which could allow you to reconnect your tank remotely, again!

Solution visio-green pour cuve l'histoire la société

VISIO-GREEN tank solution, company history:

The French company VISIO-GREEN, was founded in 2016. VISIO-GREEN offers a range of solutions to connect farms. These solutions allow them to optimize the management of their stocks, their vehicle fleets, etc.

The VISIO-GREEN solution is particularly developed on the connected weather station sensor! About 2000 weather stations in 2020! The latter records temperature, rainfall, pressure or wind speed. All this information is sent back via Sigfox or loRaWAN networks.

The farmer can view the information from his weather station from a web interface or mobile application.

VISION-GREEN solution, its integration into SENCROP

At the beginning of 2020, the VISIO-GREEN solution was absorbed by the SENCROP company. These two companies, which were competitors, have joined forces for a common strategy: A deployment of connected solutions for agriculture. This merger has allowed SENCROP to increase the geographical network of gauges deployed and thus allow customers to obtain more local and personalized data. The data on rainfall, wind, weather hazards allow farmers to save time by correctly anticipating all these disturbances, especially on remote plots.

VISIO-GREEN also distributed other connected equipments not taken over by SENCROP, including the VISIO-GREEN Solution for tanks: the pressure probes to visualize the level of your GNR tanks, gas oil etc. do not work anymore. The URL, https://www.visiogreen.io, is now inactive.

Many farmers who chose this connected solution found themselves without solutions with obsolete sensors… You want to reconnect your tanks? The Fuel it solution should certainly interest you!

Solution visio-green pour cuve rachat sencrop

3 good reasons to replace your VISIO-GREEN tank solution with FUEL IT’s solution:

You had a VISIO-GREEN solution for monitoring your tank and it suited you perfectly? Unfortunately we can’t offer you to take over your gauge on our platforms … but we can offer you a solution just as easy to install and adapted to your needs!

Here are the 3 good reasons to switch to Fuel it:

  • Fuel it gauges are easy to install! We can also offer you an all-inclusive option: we have teams specially dedicated to the installation everywhere in France (average intervention time 4 to 6 weeks!)
  • A large catalog of gauges according to the networks (GSM, LoRaWAN, sigfox etc.), the type of measurement (ultrasound, pressure, radar), the type of liquid (fuels, phytosanitary effluents, nitrogen, ATEX). All these options allow you to find the gauge that suits your needs, your location and your tank!
  • Fuel it, the brand of FOUR DATA specialized in tank measurement ! Just like VISIO-GREEN, our company was created in 2016 and since then we have been expanding our horizons and know-how! Four Data is now a young Dijon-based SME with about 20 employees, 5 different brands and still 100% French!

Four Data has also expanded its brands by acquiring the company BEE2BEEP: https://bee2beep.com/, in early 2022!

In conclusion, stay operational by replacing the VISIO-GREEN tank solution:

VISIO-GREEN tank gauges have stopped, but your tank can still be monitored remotely! We know that tank monitoring is very important, especially during the critical periods of your business! Save yourself from breakdowns and stress! Trust the French leader to keep an eye on your tanks!

Do not hesitate to contact us! Please note that we apply sliding scale prices according to the number of gauges ordered! We can also see, according to the rounds of our installers, to intervene quickly at your place if you wish to take the gauges with installation!

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