Distributors or manufacturers of lubricants: you want to put an end to lubricant breakdowns?

For you or your professional customers, Fuel-it offers you to

equip your lubricant depots and tanks with connected gauges

. In order to check the level in the tanks, the use of a dipstick on your oil tanks becomes an indispensable element. Indeed, with our connected probe, it is now possible to obtain, at a distance, an exact vision of your oil volume and precise information on your consumption and thus anticipate the replenishments.

Check your lubricant level, but why?

By verifying your data or that of your business customers on our SaaS platform, you can avoid business interruptions, possible production stoppages and shortages. Lubricant failures can then be prevented.

Fuel-it connected sensors (Sigfox or LoRa)

allow you to be notified when the threshold you have predefined is reached.

So no more breakdowns and waiting for deliveries in a hurry! Try our level gauge for lubricants!

capteur ecolub jauge connectée lubrifiants

Our lubricant level gauge (Sigfox or LoRa) allows you to:

  • to see and locate in one click from your SaaS platform, your fleet or that of your professional customers
  • setting of alert thresholds (minor and major) according to the criticality of the tank to be monitored
  • to receive an SMS or an email (or both!) in case of a threshold alert
  • optimize your logistics and plan your deliveries
  • better monitoring of consumption. You or your customer can follow the consumption of the tanks at any time.
So, opt for an innovative solution, committed to customer service, as well as to the optimization of your logistics: