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The investment in innovative SMEs, the news of risks in information systems, the launch of the Village by CA Dijon (incubator for startups initiated by the Crédit Agricole), the presentation of the project “Cité du numérique et de l’économie créative” in Chalon-sur-Saône, or the speech of the president of the regional CCI, Rémy Laurent, were on the menu of the last general meeting of Bourgognes Angels, at the Hotel Philippe le Bon in Dijon.

But in front of this club of investors, there were also project holders. Each had 10 minutes to present their business and convince investors to follow them in their adventure. First to go on the “grill”: Mathias Parthiot and François du Garreau. They have created Fuel it: a connected gauge for fuel tanks to simplify and better manage fuel purchases and orders for individuals. For professionals, the interest is also to better manage fuel oil deliveries by anticipating them, and thus to avoid peaks in demand as soon as the cold weather returns and the tanks run dry. ” Data is the new oil“, said François du Garreau, and with this connected gauge Fuel it, installed at Nicéphore Niepce, in Chalon-sur-Saône, hopes to find the right deposit. The projected revenue for 2018 is €1.6 million, with revenue coming from both the sale of the sensor and the accompanying subscription. If they solicit Burgundy Angels (for one million euros) it is to finance the production of 50,000 sensors, develop their business, sell their product and structure themselves. Fuel it is a team of five people who have won the French IOT (Internet of Things) community award this summer.

Their sensor is priced at 150 euros including tax and it runs on a battery with a seven-year life span.”

Thank you to the Palais newspaper!

Nous sommes très ravis de voir que nous parlons de notre Start-up dans un journal régional de Bourgogne !

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