If your tank starts to leak, you must react quickly to minimize environmental risks and the loss of money. What if your Fuel-it sensor indicates a leak? Who to contact? How to fix the problem?

Who do I contact if my Fuel-it sensor indicates a leak?

If your Fuel-it sensor indicates that a large amount of oil is leaking from your tank, it is best to call the fire department directly. They are of course qualified to deal with leakage problems and to avoid pollution of your soil as much as possible.

If the leak is smaller, you can call your oil distributor directly. This step will be mandatory anyway because this intervention is particularly delicate and you will not be able to repair the damage alone. You should also know that no professional will be allowed to fill your oil tank if the repairs have not been made. Safety first!

How to repair a leaking oil tank?

The professional who will repair your tank will start by cleaning, degassing and degreasing it before starting any repair operation. The technician will then proceed with the installation of a 5-millimeter thick polyester resin and fiberglass coating. The leaks are sealed and dried with forced air.

A layer of primer and polyester resin is applied to the tank at a temperature of at least 20°C. If this temperature is not reached, the tank will be heated beforehand.

Finally, a last finishing coat is applied and again dried with forced air. Then, allow about a week for drying. The professional will come afterwards for a final visual and ultrasonic check.

How to mask odors after the leak?

Thanks to simple but terribly effective tools!

  • The sand
  • Cat litter
  • Sawdust