FF3C: French Federation of Fuels and Heating.

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An organization to bring together professionals in energy distribution (outside the network).

What is the French Federation of Fuels and Heating?

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This Federation is an organization of several national and also territorial unions.

The FF3C represents the professionals of the off-grid energy distribution. That is to say, in particular, energy distribution companies such as: fuel oil, GNR, bulk diesel, wood, or independent service stations. It also represents companies in the heating sector, but also installation, maintenance and servicing of boilers, stoves … (this list is not exhaustive).

Their goals:

The main objective of the FF3C is therefore to represent and defend the sector of activity and the profession of distributors of fuels, combustibles and heating systems. They also have a role ofinformation, assistance and support for each company represented.

The Federation assumes an objective of promoting the image of the trades associated with this sector. Moreover, they also allow the development of products and/or services adapted to the activities of these companies (as for the Fuel it! connected gauge ;))

They also ensure that competition laws are respected (so that it is not unfair).

In order to successfully achieve its various objectives, the FF3C has developed services and tools that companies can use (legal service, extranet site, a magazine, a newsletter, etc.). In addition, it organizes events, meetings and conferences for its members.

FF3C my oil distributor

How to find your fuel distributor?

It’s easy, in one click you can find a company member of the FF3C. The search is done by entering the department and the type of activity.

To try, it’s here :

FF3C affiliates

Fuel it & the FF3C

Fuel it is a partner of the FF3C! The Federation helps us in the development of our sensor for professionals (fuel distributors) and for heating engineers.

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