The connected tank gauge wishes you a happy new year. All our wishes !

The whole team of Fuel it, leader in
connected level gauge
for level measurement of tanks, drums, silos, IBC, presents you its best wishes for the new year 2020.

The year 2019 concluded positively for the company with many new customers and product development opportunities.

Thank you
for your confidence, and we will continue together on the same momentum.
2020 will be the year of maturation for connected object projects: We will launch our connected level sensor in an ATEX version for all tanks under explosive atmospheres such as fuel tanks at service stations.
Our high level sensor under Lora/sigfox which can measure up to 25m high in laser will continue to be deployed on tanks & silos for our customers in fuel trade, agricultural cooperatives.

Our sensors :

  • Sigfox/Lora measurement level (GNR, fuels, etc.)
  • Lora high rise (fuels, agricultural input silos, cereals, etc.)
  • GPS location (tracking tanks, trucks, assets, etc.)
  • Solid measure (pellets, used tire dump, etc.)
  • Triggering of actions (dash boiler room, dash supply)

Our resolutions for the year?

Always be at your side to accompany you,
and continuously improve to provide you with the best service.
We thank you for your loyalty and wish you a very nice year! All our best wishes!