Welding workshop at the FABLAB today.

We received our antennas and transducers yesterday, so we are starting to install them on our electronics.

Antoine learned how to weld accurately and efficiently. The result is perfect, thanks to his teacher François.


Soudure des antennes et transducteurs sur circuit électronique (PCB)
antenne réseaux LoRa & Sigfox utilisée pour les capteurs Fuel it
Transducteur Fuel it

What are the antennas and transducers for?

The antennas are essential for sending the information collected to our databases.

They allow you to communicate your consumption in direct, you will know the exact level of oil present in your tank, instantly.

The transducer will send and receive the ultrasonic sound to know the height of the oil remaining in the tank. We can then, thanks to the information entered by the user, deduce the volume.

The 3D printing of our sensors is still in progress, we will prepare a time lapse soon.

Have a great day <3