Fuel it connected sensor solution

To complete its range of connected solutions for farmers, Axe-environnement has chosen to reference Fuel-it,

the level sensor that makes tanks smart


It is often difficult to know the exact level of fuel oil, RNG, AdBlue or water in a tank and Fuel it now provides a simple and effective answer to this problem.

The sensor is screwed directly onto the cap of your tank, whether it is buried or above ground. Once installed, the sensor measures the level of the tank by ultrasound and transmits this information via the LoRa or Sigfox network to a platform that can be accessed on a PC or smartphone.

The farmer then has precise information on his consumption.

The system obviously includes a level alert. Thus, when the low level of the tank is reached, the farmer receives an email or an alert on his phone. Convenient! This allows us to avoid running out of fuel and to detect leaks or theft. By integrating an alert, Fuel it also allows you to save money on tank refills.

Axe-environment & Fuel it partnership

Emeric OUDIN, CEO of Axe Environnement, is convinced of the commercial success of Fuel it :

“It’s a useful, innovative product that is easy to understand, present and sell by our sales people and partners.”

Yann de la ROCHE SAINT ANDRÉ, manager of Fuel it, sees in Axe-environnement an ideal partner to seduce the agricultural market:

“The agricultural world was foreign to us. The Axe-environnement teams are giving us great visibility with their network of partners. We are delighted to have this exposure and to benefit from the expertise of one of the pioneers of connected agriculture.”

The Fuel it level sensor was moreover presented on the Axe-environnement stand during INNOV-AGRI which was held from September 4 to 6, 2018 in Outarville (45).

About Axe-environment

Founded in 2002, Axe-environnement’s mission is to help agricultural distribution to disseminate phyto-environmental solutions based on the preservation of the environment, the protection of health and connected agriculture to all users of plant protection products.
The objectives of cleaner agriculture are now omnipresent. Thus, Axe-environment is in direct contact with the evolution of the regulations and the environmental deadlines. Their objective: to propose more adapted, technical, economical, practical and connected solutions.

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