Which connected solution for AdBlue® & IBC?

What is AdBlue® fluid?

The AdBlue® & IBC AUS32 tank telemetry systemsare fairly new.

For the past ten years, fleet managers of trucks or diesel vehicles have been equipping themselves with AdBlue® tanks & IBCs.

In concrete terms, “AUS32”, also known as AdBlue®, is a blue liquid manufactured by various brands in accordance with the ISO 22241 standard.

The product is composed of 32.5% urea and 67.5% demineralized water to be registered. It is then used for diesel vehicles equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. This product can therefore reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines by 85%.

AdBlue tank telemetry solution

Avoiding the breakdown

If there is no AdBlue® the vehicle may not start. Thus, AdBlue® failure is critical and leads to an emergency supply situation.

However, few fuel distributors are equipped with bulk trucks forAdBlue®delivery. The factories being few and far between, the supply can sometimes take several days.

It is estimated that in France, out of a total of 100,000 tanks & stationary IBCs, AdBlue® is used. And only 3% would be equipped with a remote gauging system.

Which AdBlue® tanks are compatible with Fuel it?

This is where an AdBlue® tank telemetry solution makes sense.

That is why, since the end of 2020, Fuel it offers a complete Remote Tank Monitoring solution (hardware, software & service) for all AdBlue® containers.

Fuel it is a leader in providing this type of wireless and communicating technology. Our ultra-sound probe connected to different LPWAN (Sigfox-Lora) and NB-Iot/LTE-M Cat1 networks allows to remotely visualize the current level & consumption.

The aggressive nature of AdBlue (acidity of urea) requires the electronic board to be treated against crystallization. That’s why Fuel it has designed a radar probe that is not sensitive to the effects of blue liquid. This probe can be applied directly to any type of tank (Pehd, plastic, etc.) and allows to see the level with precision.

Located on the top of the tank, a connected gauge allows to monitor the level and to be alerted in case of reaching the threshold (usually 15% of remaining liquid). All the AdBlue® tanks, IBCs, cisterns & tanks on the market are compatible with the ultra-sound gauge or the radar gauge.


Fuel it equips with its software tool all the tanks of e.g. the AdBlue® bulk delivery service stations of a Swiss & Italian distributor.

Fuel it equips more than 3,500 AdBlue tanks in Europe through its fuel distributors, AdBlue manufacturers, pump & home station manufacturers or specialized distributors

Solution de télémétrie pour cuve AdBlue

Vessels in bulk delivery stations are metal & buried, where radar technology is not compatible on metal. In addition, we use our ultra-sonic probe connected to the GSM network (Lte6M Cat 1 3G/4G) to visualize the levels. The data is uploaded 4 times a day to our cloud interface which allows you to view all 127 service stations.