Everyone talks about AdBlue, but what is it?

In 2015,

the European Euro6 standard

came into force. Thus, all vehicles are subject to a certain pollution emission threshold that must not be exceeded. An even harder limitation for diesel engines.

From now on, car manufacturers must meet this new environmental requirement. This is why new vehicles are equipped with a system (catalyst) to reduce toxic emissions for the environment. This catalyst then needs Adblue to work.

Adblue, also known as AUS 32, is a liquid, aqueous urea solution, composed of 67.5% demineralized water and 32.5% urea. When burned, this composition is harmless to the environment and to health.

So AdBlue does not concern me?

Today Adblue concerns all recent vehicles: whether they are commercial vehicles, for private individuals, heavy goods vehicles, agricultural and public works machinery (construction machinery, cranes, etc.) and other non-road diesel vehicles.

Storing AdBlue

Adblue is available from the usual diesel and lubricant outlets or from specialized professional suppliers.

Adblue tanks are used to transport and store this type of fuel. Its storage in tanks is very simple and allows an easier handling during the movements of stocks, moreover this type of fuel keeps in good conditions (for a duration of more than one year).

However, there are regulations on the storage of Adblue to ensure optimal conservation. In particular, it is necessary to use appropriate containers: it can only be stored in high density polyethylene, polypropylene or stainless steel containers.

Jerrican Adblue gauge fuel it

Fuel it and its AdBlue level gauge

Manage your Adblue inventory easily? It is possible!

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