And the nominees are…

Presented by the specialized distributor Beiser Environnement, the Fuel it gauge received two awards.

We have won innovation awards at two major agricultural shows!

The Innov’Space Prize and the Golden Summits Prize.

Two awards for Fuel it

The Innov’Space prize

The Innov’Space label is an opportunity to make innovations known and valued. Thus, it is THE reference in terms of innovation.

Obtaining the Innov’Space award is therefore a real commercial asset and offers high visibility.

The Golden Summits Award

The Sommets d’Or competition is a competition of innovation. In addition, several categories are open: equipment, products or services in the agricultural world. Moreover, the winners must display qualities of innovation, manufacturing, safety or ergonomics. Of course adapted to the specificities of agriculture or medium mountains.

This award is a unique opportunity to promote and publicize new products or services. In particular with the specialized press, visitors and all professionals.

These two awards confirm the highly innovative nature of our solution, which is attracting customers far beyond the oil distributors.

Thus, Fuel it is exhibiting a demonstrator at the Smart Agri show in Nièvre on September 5.

Our connected solution

will be presented by several of our distributors at the Innov Agri show near Orleans from September 4 to 6.

Moreover, our gauge will also be presented at the Space show in Rennes from September 11 to 14 and at the Sommets de l’élevage from October 3 to 5 in Clermont-Ferrand.

Indeed, it’s a busy time for the Fuel it team!