Level gauge for diesel !

You are a professional, a service station, a garage, a maintenance workshop, a dealer…?

Do you have one or more diesel tanks (diesel/gas-oil/diesel)?

Looking for a solution to help you measure your remaining fluid level?

jauge de niveau pour gasoil

So, whether you are a stockist, distributor, manufacturer… Fuel it offers to equip your diesel tanks with connected level gauges. They allow you to have, at a distance, an exact vision of the volume of fuel remaining in each of your tanks.

You can equip your depots, your customers, or even both!

Our sensors report the volume of diesel in your tank every day. It helps you to know your stocks, to make your inventories and to fluidify your supply chain! So keep an eye on your (and your customers’) levels with our Saas FuelDesk platform for professionals.

In addition, to ensure that your customer also maintains a remote view of their inventory, a FuelSens platform is also available for them.

Our diesel level gauge & its advantages

  • Quick and easy installation. Approx. 5 min per gauge (therefore: possibility to install the sensor yourself!)
  • 5-year battery life (4 readings per day)
  • Adaptable to all tank sizes in height & width
  • Prevents stock-outs and especially emergency filling requests
  • Allows for better decision making (and more importantly, at the right time!)
  • Definitely improves your customer service
Fuel it connected sensor

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