Which connected telemetry solution for propane tanks?

Solution de telemetrie pour citerne de gaz et cuves de propane

Connected sensors for propane tanks:

Telemetry systems and connected level gauges for propane or LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) tanks are not new.

In fact, systems have existed for more than twenty years. Certainly complex but allowing to follow remotely the level of a propane tank.

These systems are installed on existing Rochester-type gauges and generally operate using 2G/3G. Quite reliable although not very accurate, they manage to measure a remaining quantity of LPG in %. The measurements vary between 15 and 85%. So when the gauge reads 15% it means that the LPG tank is empty. When the gauge reads 85% it means the tank is full.

These sensors have a necessity in reality, they must be ATEX certified in order to avoid any explosion in case of a tank leak or gas release.

Today, it is estimated that in France, out of 760,000 tanks in operation (according to figures from the Butane Propane sector of France Gaz Liquides, the federation of market players), less than 10% are currently equipped with this type of system. The main tanks equipped with this system are those used for industrial applications. Very few individuals heating with propane or agriculture have already monitored their tanks.

What’s new with Fuel it’s GPL Telemetry company?

Since the end of 2020, Fuel it offers a complete telemetry solution (hardware, software & service) for propane tankers.

This solution is deployed with its historical fuel distributor customers who have a bulk propane delivery activity. It meets a great success…

Interface telemetrie jauge gaz propane

3 reasons for this:

  • The first is the simplicity of installation of its sensor, which can be “grafted” directly onto all the displays present on the tanks (junior or senior).
  • Can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Requiring no drilling or special equipment, the simple and secure installation guarantees the proper functioning of the tank and the continuous reading of the gauge level even in visual conditions.
  • The level data is sent to the cloud via communication protocols depending on the site configuration. LPWAN (Sigfox & Lora) as well as NB-Iot-LTE-M-CAT1 networks are available on our LPG level sensors. The data is sent back depending on the settings, either once or 4 times a day. The data is integrated into the monitoring interface and allows to visualize the level of the tanks directly, to set up alerts according to the thresholds of alerts. (Most of our customers set a threshold between 25 and 30%).

3 good reasons to add telemetry to your propane tanks

You have a simple solution for monitoring your tank with your local level indicator.

Your customers are satisfied and inform you, via a web interface or by phone, of the level. This operation may involve a risk of input errors that could lead to a breakdown or emergencies.

So here are the 3 good reasons to switch to Fuel it’s LPG telemetry solution:

  • 27% savings in logistics and emergency management! Our customers tell us that they have greatly reduced logistics costs (optimization of routes, end of emergency management) thanks to telemetry.
  • A modular interface! Our software is designed as a full web service with APIs and iframe bricks allowing to find level information, alerts directly in the interface that distributors share with their customers: extranet, customer space, CRM or ERP can host the data. We support any type of communication protocol, including legacy 2G/3G M2M protocols. You can view LPG gauge data from brands like Sensile, Silentsoft, Rochester, Tekelek, Nke or Birdz directly on the interface through APIs and partnership agreements,
  • Optimize the follow-up of your tank farm and simplify the life of the GIS department! GIS (Geographic Information System) departments use our software as ARM (Asset Relationship Management) software to track information about the fleet. The data of the tanks are integrated in these softwares and our software receives the information, allowing to follow the operations of maintenance or legal visit. Our maintenance module with its smartphone application helps the technical teams in the field and allows them to keep information with the same quality of an EDM.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to solutions for liquid gas, LPG, propane, butane distributors…