The fuel shortage

Yes, a breakdown of fuel oil… it happens so quickly! (and we have experienced it: you remember our little story … of heating“?!).

So, consumer, imagine the situation: your tank is unfortunately empty and it is very cold outside. So, you should try to restart your furnace as soon as possible (before your house turns into an ice cube!). You have called the oil distributor but his schedule is full and he tells you that he will not be able to deliver for several days.

And you, the distributors! Imagine: it’s winter and the cold is coming. It is during this period that your agenda, whether it is for individuals or professionals, is the busiest…even too busy! Emergency deliveries, quick repairs… You don’t know where to turn.

Don’t panic, Fuel it has the solution!

Fuel oil consumers, running out of fuel oil is not necessarily a fatality.

Fuel distributors, you can avoid fuel delivery emergencies.

the Fuel it connected gauge & its alerts

Our connected gauge is screwed in place of your tank cap and sends your consumption information (and that of your customers) to your dedicated SaaS platform. Level data is sent daily and stored on secure servers.

PS: Suitable for

fuel oil, heating oil, GNR, AdBlue, oils, etc.

alerte panne de carburant

Don’t run out of fuel again

When the “critical” level of your tank (or your customer’s tank) is reached, you will receive an alert. Either by e-mail or on your phone (or both!).

Setting up alerts

On our web platform you have a complete parameterization space.

Thus, you can modify your alert parameters (SMS & mail) as you wish, following precise levels (in Liters or %) or activate or deactivate them. Furthermore, you can define the people to be alerted for a defined connected tank.

2 types of alerts

There are two types of alerts: minor and major.

  • Minor alerts: definition of a threshold with lesser importance (for example at 25% of remaining liquid)
  • Major alerts: definition of a threshold with high importance (for example 10%)

You are also alerted when there is an “exceptional” drop in level (theft, leak, etc.).

Obviously all our alerts are fully customizable to your liking and needs.

Dry breakdowns on a winter Sunday or emergency delivery rushes are not for you anymore…!

And much more!

Our level gauge offers many other benefits and features.

Visualization and follow-up of the tank level in real time, customer loyalty, increased productivity, better management of stocks/deliveries…

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