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The GNR (Non-Road Diesel) level gauge

What is RNG (non-road diesel)?

RNG is a fuel used in particular to fuel non-road vehicles. These are mainly agricultural, forestry, river or public works vehicles. Although it is red in color, it is similar to conventional fuel oil, simply, its composition is a little different.

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emblème GNR capteur de niveau

A connected GNR level gauge

  • Daily information feedback (4 times a day): visualization of consumption at any time and anywhere thanks to the Saas platform FuelDesk or FuelSens
  • Alert system: prevents breakdowns and stock-outs
  • Optimization of routes and supplies: better decision making and cost control
  • Security system: regular monitoring of stocks and security alert mode (leakage, theft, etc.).

Web interface and mobile application

Take advantage of two platforms to visualize your data:

  • Pro platform: FuelDesk
  • Individuals platform : FuelSens

You can connect via the platform dedicated to your profile or directly on the mobile application.

With these multiple interfaces, access tank data from the gauge quickly and anywhere. Thus, you will be able to quickly visualize your consumption of GNR, the rest of your stock and private individuals will be able to order more easily and quickly (and especially at the right time!) a filling of their tank.

données disponibles sur interface web et appli mobile

So how does it work?

The GNR level gauge is simple to install and wireless.

The technology used is the ultrasound which allows to measure the level of filling or consumption of your GNR tank with precision.

This sensor can be installed on all forms of oil tanks (indoor and outdoor) depending on the coverage of the LoraWan or Sigfox radio network.

The installation is very easy and you can do it yourself or have our team help you if needed. Once the GNR level gauge is installed and set up you can find all the data from the sensor on your web interface.

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