Hello everyone,

We launch the monthly news on the evolution of the community within fuel-it.
This article arrives with a new category on our blog, the category “community”.

We’ll give you a summary of our articles of the month, the evolution of our community on social networks, as well as articles about us on the web if we are lucky to have some (and we’re lucky) this month :) )

Human Resources level

The most important event this month is the arrival of Antoine. Antoine who comes to reinforce the team in the communication.

This month, Antoine focused on developing the Facebook community. We are now 100 to follow Fuel-it’s activities on social networks. Antoine has also learned to use 3D printers to manufacture our sensors, he now masters very well.

Fuel-it expands even more with the arrival of Antoine

Advances on the connected sensor

Many improvements took place on the sensor this month:

  • Evolution of the screw pitch
  • Starting up the ILS
  • Design modification

The most visible one is of course the evolution of the screw thread. We went from a single screw pitch to a triple screw pitch. This evolution allows the connected sensor to be adapted to any type of tank without any adapter.

The reed switch (ILS) is finally up and running. The sensor remains in deep sleep, consumes only a few micro-amperes and does not transmit any frames until it is activated via the ILS.

The design has been revised, mainly to facilitate 3D printing. The top of the sensor has been smoothed and an edge reduced to reduce the amount of media needed for printing.

The data reception interface(the dashboard) has been adapted to the sensor and is operational! A demo access has even been generated with a sensor from the laboratory.

The 3D printer runs day and night to make our products appear

The Fuel-it community is growing

Evolution of the community Fuel it

We reached 100 mentions on the Facebook page, and more than 170 people visited our website this month. At the youtube channel level, we are getting closer to 500 cumulative views.

Two videos have been released on our YouTube channel

We created and published our first two videos on our Youtube channel. We let you take a look for those who would not have had the chance to see them.

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Participation in the FrenchIOT competition

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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We spent a lot of time printing this month. We took the opportunity to create a little time lapse.

We’re in the news this month

An article on our connected gauge is born on the blog of Fablab which hosts us.


Another busy month! The month of June was loaded in all areas! Design, production or communication! Moreover, we are preparing a big surprise in design and marketing for the beginning of July!

We can not wait to test our first sensors at our first customers! In this regard, do not forget to pre-order the sensor if you want to test the product in preview. ;)

See you soon !