A solution deployed by Fränkische

100% dedicated to the monitoring and management of rainwater.

New innovation: connected structures!

Connected gauge by Fränkische: pore than 200 gauges deployed and a 1st prize at the Villages Awards in the category:“Most unexpected cooperation”.

Fränkische will deploy 200 connected stormwater management facilities by the end of the year!

The company


is a German ETI with an entity in France with several hundred employees. Since March 2020, it has been marketing a solution for monitoring the levels of stormwater structures.

This solution is the first on the market. The objective is to monitor the filling of underground structures that collect rainwater. Especially since the monitoring of the water levels of the Ultra-Light Alveolar Structures (ULS ) is topical. Especially following the bad weather in the South of France and Brittany!

It allows communities or managers of sanitation infrastructure to monitor and anticipate filling, flooding or pollution problems.

On October 6, 2020, Fränkische was awardedthe first prize in the Villages Awards for the “most unexpected cooperation between large groups and SMEs”!

Indeed, Fränksiche’s teams are marketing a solution that has been co-designed and designated by Fuel it, a connected object brand of the company Four Data.

Fuel it

has designed and adapted its connected gauge to the specific and technical needs of this market. But also its SaaS software for asset management and level monitoring of different containers (tanks, IBC, silo, etc.). Then, this solution was adapted to the expectations of communities and stormwater managers.

The data from the sensors is sent back via 0G communication protocols dedicated to IoT such as Sigfox, Fuel it’s first partner, or Lora (Orange & Objenious).

Fränkische has been selling these sensors for more than 6 months and has already started to deploy them in various municipalities. For example, like Saint Denis de la Réunion or Aix en Provence. The next step is to market several hundred gauges.

Connected fuel gauge on rainwater tank

Fuel it and Fränkische connected gauge

Fuel it: a turnkey SaaS software solution !

To carry out this innovation, Fränkische relied on the technology of the young company Fuel it.

Fuel it teams based in Dijon (21) and Vannes (56) have designed in 2016, a complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution. The Fuel it solution is therefore based on a gauge connected via the new Sigfox & Lora networks. (Networks dedicated to connected objects). This gauge is made in EU and patented.

Thanks to this turnkey solution, we can provide our historical customers with digital solutions that allow them to better anticipate and manage their stormwater infrastructure,” said Géraldine Rousseau, Marketing Director of Fränkische.

She adds, “Fuel it’s collaborative industry solution has resulted in an innovative solution that meets a real need .”