Another new developer for the Soft team!

Charles new dev at fuel it

Jobs & Missions

Charles has joined the Fuel it team on a permanent contract as a FullStack Developer for our FuelDesk and FuelSens platforms.

Different missions are entrusted to him such as :

  • Develop and improve the various Fuel It platforms at the back-end and front-end levels
  • Ensure the maintenance of the developed solutions
  • Continuous testing and integration of the solution

Academic background

Charles graduated from a BTS SIO with a development option and then followed the
in Dijon.

Charles then joined the Fuel it team in September during a team seminar!

Team seminar September 2020

FuelDesk and FuelSens platforms

In order to view the level of your tank after installing your connected gauge, you must log into your FuelDesk Platform.
This interface is dedicated to professionals and allows you to view all your tanks and those of your customers from the professional dashboard. But also, create personalized Mail/SMS alerts or both!

Your customer will have access to FuelSens. Platforms from which he can visualize the level of his tanks (up to 4!).

To learn more about our solutions, please visit our website

So we welcomed Charles for a warm and fun event! :)

Welcome to Charles at Fuel it!