Controlling your lubes & oils with a connected gauge

Discover the 3 reasons why our customers, manufacturers & distributors of lubricants, additives & soluble oils, are testing and deploying connected gauges to their customers


Reason 1 : Professionals in the machining (industry), repair & maintenance (automotive) sectors fear a break in the lub & want to control their consumption !

Machining professionals use soluble oils to lubricate & maintain the proper functioning of their machines (laser cutters, folding machines, etc.). Thus, a break in this raw material can lead to additional tooling consumption, a drop in machine productivity or even complete stoppages. This is why, in general, to mitigate this risk, professionals stock up with several drums & barrels of lubricants in advance. Nevertheless, if this stock is not monitored, a shortage is possible. Lhe dipstick allows to keep an eye on the level and to alert by SMS, email and also on the plant supervision screen directly that a break is approaching! To do this, simply adopt the connected dipstick on oil drums!

In addition, the cost of these lubricants is significant and stocking them ties up cash. Controlling the consumption of an oil and knowing the consumption according to a duration of use allows to calculate an output by machine. Typically, shop managers do not have the time or resources directly to deal with these elements. The lubricant dispenser then has a role in offering to help them pilot the lubes with a connected gauge! Thus, by placing the gauge, the consumption can be followed and by setting a price to calculate a yield & a production cost.

Software saas soluble lubricant pilot lub oil data manage

Screenshot of Fuel it monitoring software:

Digital twin of the workshop & tanks. Click on the tank/IBC/drum and the last level appears. Solution that can be deployed directly to your customers!

sensor connected gauge lubricants

The sensor is screwed directly on the barrel breather or on the manhole of the tank.

Reason 2: The lubricant level gauge (Sigfox or LoRa) improves your customer service!

First, distributors & manufacturers of lubricants ( greases or additives), install the connected gauge directly on their customer’s site (garage, factory, repair & maintenance workshop). The connected oil drum dipstick then provides better customer service. Then, you have remote access to the level of all the tanks of your customers and you can contact them directly via the platform. You then provide them with a platform with your colors with which they can order directly. The Fuel it platform is also fully customizable (including the connection url) and allows, thanks to our APIs, to send orders directly into your ERP. The customer no longer needs paper slips!

Reason 3: Launching a digital Iot service for its lub customers allows to stand out from its competitors!

The impacts of the Covid-19 crisis are not yet fully known and it is already essential to stand out from the competition. That’s why soluble fluid supply management offerings and improved customer service are differentiating factors. It is now crucial to move to the era of digitalization of services to our customers and to provide a service that justifies less travel (less carbon impact) by providing the same or better service. Thus, deploying the connected dipstick on oil drums to its lubricant customers is precisely a way to stand out!

So, if you have a choice with other solutions, here are the 5 reasons why you should try Fuel it rather than another solution:

  • Our sensor: one of the most accurate on the market: Accuracy of less than 1cm (for a barrel, we talk about 1/2l)
  • The easiest to install! : installation time with web settings less than 3 min. simpler than a pressure or deformation gauge which requires on average more than 1 hour of installation & parameter setting with tools!
  • Available in Sigfox AND Lora: no need to choose your network, the gauge chooses the best one. No need for an antenna when there is no reception!
  • A sensor designed and manufactured in France by a French company: The sensor is neither Chinese nor Irish, let’s favor the made in France
  • The software platform is the most ergonomic and easy to use on the market: The data is backed up in parallel on two data centers in France!

… and we don’t talk about the price that allows, when you sell the gauge to your customer, to even earn money!

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