Now that we are installed in the fablab, we have brought back two tanks and a pool pump in order to carry out our tests. We started by filling one of the tanks with water and then transferred the water from one tank to another using the pump directly to our new laboratory.

It was not easy, our tanks, which already have a heavy past, have made us see all the colours. Because of their old and damaged tip, we “flooded” the laboratory with water…

After this small leak very quickly plugged up, we finally managed to successfully connect our probe.

Our level sensor works perfectly whatever the tank and whatever its content (water, wine, fuel oil/oil)

By varying the water level in our tank with the pump we captured the evolution and collected all the data on the dashboard.

Our first test is therefore a success, the sensor sends all the necessary data that we then recovered on our servers.

We will keep you informed of the next tests and wish you an excellent day.