There is a corner of France in Burgundy where the thermometer is close to -20°c in winter, the houses have lava roofs, walls of one meter thick and where it is good to be warm!

Jeanne & Emmanuel live in a peaceful house in the middle of this sometimes hostile climate. One day, on a Saturday, when one of them wanted to take a shower, he was surprised to find himself under a jet of ice cold water. Horror! The heating was not working anymore!

The expertise of the boiler room allowed to quickly conclude that there was no more fuel. But then, what to do? Distributors are now closed and do not deliver until Tuesday! The patience and hardiness of the couple was tested but they held on! Nevertheless, they vowed never to run out of fuel again! Unfortunately, they could not find a simple, agile and connected gauge on the market.

So they decided to create it! And here’s a little heating story that, like in the tales, ends well!

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