The level sensor has a new developer: Alex

A new recruit arrives in the Fuel it team! Alex, a student at ESIREM, has joined us since February to do his internship. He will be in charge of the full-time development of the new Sigfox Gateway and the improvement of the level sensor for tanks. Alex will be based in Dijon with the [...]


Fuel it obtains an Innovation Loan from the BPI

BPI has been supporting Fuel-it for more than a year. In August, she renewed her support for our adventure by granting us a major loan to finance our innovation. Following the presentation of our R&D project to several members of the BPI Bourgogne Franche Comté, Pierre Alain Truan, its director, delivered us a major [...]


Fuel it laureate of the French IoT 2017 community

Fuel It is one of the 2017 laureates who will join the French IoT community! This community is one of the major pillars of the French IoT program. It now brings together 180 start-ups invested in all areas of connected life, including a connected level gauge for fuel tanks running Lora & Sigfox. By [...]

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