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Fuel it joins the Sigfox partner network!

Excellent news to start August: we have just been referenced on the Sigfox partner network! Go to our partner page Sigfox The Sigfox network is English-speaking. You will therefore have the pleasure of reading a description of our product in English. We even had to weigh it to fill in this partner form: 110 [...]

2019-03-01T16:21:11+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|

The Kakémono Fuel it has arrived

As we announced in the July monthly news, we went to get the kakemono this morning. Kakémono of excellent quality, which you will find on our next shows! Our kakemono is 2 meters high and 0.85 meters wide. On it we find a 3D overview of the oil level sensor, as well as a [...]

2019-03-01T16:19:03+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|

Our connected level sensors are racing!

... in a wonderful handmade packaging! For our first deliveries, Capucine makes the packaging manually. With a finish worthy of the greatest jewellers, the packaging looks very good! Most observers will have noticed that the magnet location has disappeared on this version of the prototyping. The magnet will have its location inside the sensor [...]

2019-03-01T16:16:23+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|

The last consumption tests of the sensor are performed

Final check-up of gauges connected before installation on oil tanks Before sending our first sensors to the connected level, we carry out a complete check-up. A control of the measurements returned by the sensor and a control of its consumption. Julien has developed an ingenious system to measure the current used by our sensor [...]

2019-03-01T16:05:28+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|

The first video tutorials are released

To make your life as easy as possible, we've made some pretty explanatory videos for you that are available on our YouTube channel. Here are the first two videos to help you find your activation code and activate your sensor. These videos were made using our 3D printed prototypes. The connected level sensors and [...]

2019-03-01T16:01:45+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|

Fuel-it wins 1st IoT prize in the OPEN4STARTUP competition

The connected gauge wins a competition at Chalon We are very pleased to announce Fuel-it's victory in the OPEN4STARTUP competition organized by Nicéphore cité Chalon in the IoT & manufacturing category. Thanks to this victory, Nicéphore cité Chalon offers us accommodation in the heart of an innovative business incubator for one year as well [...]

2019-03-01T15:50:47+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|

Fuel it is recruiting a passionate developer!

The Fuel-it team is moving into the industrialization phase! We are looking for the rare pearl to boost the development of the project.  Post & Missions? As part of the company's development, we are looking for a masterful Developer: Web Platform (v2) : HTML5/CSS3/PHP7 Api development Mobile application development [...]

2019-03-01T15:49:16+02:0001/03/2019|The Lab's news|
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