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Owner of an oil tank? The 10 terms to remember

Many parts make up your fuel tank, but you still need to know what they are called and what they are used for. We will see together the technical terms that are good to know in order to better use and maintain your installation. 1) The police valve The police valve is used [...]

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Maintaining your oil boiler, how does it work?

The maintenance of an oil boiler must be carried out once a year. These checks are essential for the proper functioning of your installation, to ensure your safety and to allow you to save energy. Fuel-it details the different steps to maintain the boiler. 1) Cleaning the heating element and the fireplace The [...]

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How do I install an oil tank in my home?

The installation of an oil tank must comply with the standards set by the decree of 1 July 2004, in particular concerning the installation and commissioning of storage facilities for petroleum products such as fuel oil. Buried, in a room, outdoors: the installation of an oil tank can be carried out in different [...]

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The level sensor has a new developer: Alex

A new recruit arrives in the Fuel it team! Alex, a student at ESIREM, has joined us since February to do his internship. He will be in charge of the full-time development of the new Sigfox Gateway and the improvement of the level sensor for tanks. Alex will be based in Dijon with the [...]

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A new larger scale industrial series is launched!

It's official, a new industrial series Fuel it is launched ! Following the first feedback we received and the strong enthusiasm for the Fuel it connected sensor, we officially launched a new industrial series with our various suppliers. This time, it will be made of plastic injection. A new step for the Dijon start-up [...]

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