François du Garreau, 24, joins the team to help develop Fuel-it.

After doing a general engineering school (EPF), François is interested in connected objects.

“The field is of great interest to me.IOT is very buoyant and innovative, in this field it is possible to provide concrete services to individuals, or to increase the productivity of professionals by facilitating their work.”

François is now working full time in Fablab to develop Fuel-it. On the program, 4 major axes to follow: Marketing, Commercial, Technical and Administrative!

“I wanted an internship where I do not stay in one area, my specialization in” Information and Communication Technology “followed by my Master of Science allows me to be very adaptable. the team, I will always be able to ask for help and move on. “

All the elements seem to be reunited for François to adore his work. Welcome to him !!