It’s winter…. brrrrrr! Don’t worry, we’re here!

A busy month for Fuel-it! Here is a summary of our progress in October. The most important news this month is of course our French Tech !

Have a good reading:)

Two developers for the Fuel-it

First of all, this month of October begins with the recruitment of our two web developers, to whom we have entrusted the responsibility of creating our Fuel-it smartphone application.

This application is designed to make your life easier, by showing you the level of fuel remaining, the breakdown to come, and many other features for private individuals and professionals. Of course, of course!

We will keep you informed of its progress! Just a little more patience!

A packaging that advances !

This month of October also allowed us to improve and refine our future Fuel-it packaging. We work closely with JFD Packaging, a Dijon company.

This beautiful packaging will be ready in December! A gift idea maybe?

JFD packaging

A sensor that improves

We have also improved our sensor! In a search for perfection and optimization of our sensor we have improved it, to make it easily industrializable, the exterior design does not change!

We will make a first pre-series available in December! Get ready!!!

A lot more to come…

November promises to be another busy month! We will keep you informed of all our progress, successes etc!

Remember, Christmas is in 48 days! Just a little more patience!

Stay warm,

see you soon! The Fuel-it team:)