December is coming to an end, a promising new year 2018 is coming for Fuel it. A month of December during which we prepared many things for the new school year.

A 2017 year that ends in beauty

First of all, December was a new step for Fuel it, with Capucine joining the team full-time after her internship.

«Joining Startup Fuel it after my internship was a natural step. I have been very committed to its success. It is a professional experience that allows me to acquire a lot of knowledge in various fields, even beyond design. I am surrounded by a close-knit team with varied skills and I learn a lot. We’ve all embarked on this crazy adventure and I’m delighted! “Capucine Dubreuille

What 2018 holds for us?

Here is a small teasing of the coming year…

  • Moving : Fuel it will change premises.
  • New contracts: Fuel it has been solicited by many companies and individuals. A promising year for the Startup!
  • A Newsletter in preparation: For all those who have subscribed to our Newsletter, we have prepared a summary of our year 2017 and you will receive it very soon.
  • The first 100 sensors operational: January announces the first sale of the sensors. An email will be sent to all those who have placed a pre-order to notify them of the release on the website.
  • A sensor for oil tanks? and why not more? We are currently developing our concept so that it can be applied to many other fields. Something to delight everyone!

Conclusion of our year 2017

This year allowed us to consolidate the project and develop its potential. We look forward to a new phase: the first release of the sensors. This first series will allow us to check the correct functioning of the sensors and also to improve them if necessary.

Thank you for your confidence, we are building this project thanks to your support. The Fuel it team wishes you an excellent 2018 year, may it be full of success and happiness.

Stay warm and see you soon. 🙂