The Fuel-it team is getting closer to the industrialization phase! We are looking for a top engineer to help us in our adventure.

Post & Missions?

As part of the development of our company, we are looking for an Electronics / IT Engineer for an internship in progress or at the end of the study with CDI as a key.

Creation, design and development of an M2M gateway between a connected object and an internet box.
This mission will be divided into the following steps:

– Creating a schema
– PCB Routing
– Prototype assembly
– Software development
– Validation and tests for the industrialisation of the product

Profile required?

You are young, you have a strong taste for electronics and computer science.
You have concrete professional experience or projects carried out independently. You are dynamic and good communicator.

  • Technical skills:

-Electronics Engineer
-Competence in digital microelectronics
-Embedded software development on microcontroller (Microchip), systems on chip (SOC) control
-Good knowledge of the C language
-Prototype board assembly
-Network security (signal encoding)

  • Other skills

-High autonomy & rigour. Dynamic, curious & versatile.


If you instinctively answer yes to the following 3 questions, your application is welcome!

-Are you passionate about participating in the IOT revolution?
30 year old experience of multi entrepreneurs

Contact us?

Contact us, send us your CV by email at

Download the worksheet

The job description is available below. Click on the image to download it.