Fuel it allows you to compensate for the absence of a network thanks to the Micro Sigfox Station. This station allows you to create a local network via Ethernet or 3G key.

Announced at the exhibition Connect in Berlin (Germany) in October 2018, Sigfox has revealed the launch of its Micro station.

Cover… where you need it

Discreet with integrated antenna and elegant design, Sigfox Access Station Micro can be installed anywhere: hidden or exposed, indoor or outdoor, in an attic or underground, in warehouses, buildings, stores, farms or offices…

With the sealing cover, the Access Station Micro is dust and water resistant (IP65).

Cover… Made easy

Thanks to its compact size and integrated antenna, Sigfox Access Station Micro can be easily installed in minutes. Accessories are included in the box to start using the Access Station Micro immediately.

Power-over-Ethernet allows flexible installation and does not necessarily require professional assistance.

Access Station Micro connects to the Sigfox Cloud via an existing LAN infrastructure and Internet access, but it also has the ability to use cellular networks for fast and versatile installations.

Cover… affordable

Sigfox Access Station Micro addresses the challenges of affordable coverage densification by limiting the return on investment on deployment and operations of your IoT solution.

Designed with great sensitivity, it can cover an entire building (1) and process up to 70,000 images per day (2).

With extremely low power consumption, Access Station Micro is compatible with the deployment of intelligent solar panels allowing untapped application connectivity when no power source is available.

(1) Subject to construction materials and any obstruction or interference present. 
(2) Subject to available bandwidth and installation instructions.

Sigfox Access Station Micro will be available for purchase online, as it aims to cover the entire planet for an unlimited number of opportunities and applications.

Access Station Micro allows customers in many sectors to quickly extend the reach of the Sigfox network at an affordable price”, a said Laetitia Jay, marketing director at Sigfox . “This immediate coverage extension allows companies to optimize the return on investment and performance of their IoT solutions. 

Access Station Micro has been specially developed to meet the new challenges of network expansion by maximizing the return on investment of IoT applications in areas such as remote indoor or outdoor client sites.

A single gateway could cover vast rural areas, hundreds of square kilometres without effort. Its extremely low power consumption allows remote IoT applications when no power source is available with a single small solar panel and a low bandwidth satellite backhaul.

Source : https://support.sigfox.com/products#micro & https://www.sigfox.com/en/news/sigfox-opens-its-network-brand-new-micro-base-station

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