Know the level of fuel oil remaining in the tank

Our connected sensor returns a lot of data on our servers that you can find on your phone, computer or home box. Knowing your fuel level allows you to make smart decisions!

Knowledge is power!

 – Francis Bacon

The price of fuel is excessively low and your tank is half full? You could still fill it and save money for the coming winter. But you still have to know it …

Your tank is almost empty, you risk breaking down? It is time to fill your tank? … But still it is necessary to know it … Fuel-it sends you push notifications, emails or SMS when your tank reaches a predefined threshold.

Be more serene and no longer have to probe his tank of fuel

80% of the French have already had fuel oil breakdowns. Indeed, we do not think to check the level of its tank every day …

Even if you are equipped with one of the alternatives available on the market, you should always go down and check the level of oil remaining in your tank, and check it frequently.

Free your thoughts, let us handle these anxieties!

Be warned in case of fuel theft or leak in your tank

Have you ever had leaks or robberies in your tank and only noticed a few weeks later? So do not wait, one more reason to equip our level sensor!

You never had one? So, prevention is better than cure! 🙂