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Fuel it monthly subscription2019-03-15T14:52:05+01:00

The subscription to your dashboard is paid for on each anniversary date. The subscription is 2€/month or 24€ * for one year. When it expires, a message will alert you on your dashboard, so you can choose to continue or stop your subscription.

Sigfox network specific offer under the condition 1 shipment / day.

Can the sensor be interfaced with my home automation system?2019-03-15T15:06:26+01:00

For the moment no, but we are working on it!

LoRa Network – Is the sensor available with this technology?2019-03-15T15:06:34+01:00

Currently we have industrialized our first series with Sigfox. We will have sensors working with LoRa in our next industrial series at the end of February 2019.

Data recovery2019-03-15T14:53:29+01:00

The data retrieved by the sensor will be available on the Fuel it dashboard or on the mobile application.

For professionals, a REST API has been set up, for the recovery of consolidated data from our server.

Can I change the batteries in my sensor?2019-03-15T15:06:56+01:00

You will have no problem changing the batteries in the sensor.  Batteries are common (1.5V AAA battery) you will find them in all supermarkets!

What is the maximum tank capacity for the sensor?2019-03-15T15:06:42+01:00

The Fuel it sensor does not have a maximum capacity in litres. The only limits the sensor has are those of ultrasound, the tank must not exceed 3 meters high.

Environmental conditions2019-03-15T15:07:05+01:00

Operating temperature range -10°C to +50°C.
Operating humidity 0 – 95% non-condensing

Switching on the sensor2019-03-15T15:07:14+01:00

Approach the magnet (supplied with the packaging) from the top of the Fuel it sensor.  A blue light should appear, the sensor is on. Here is the link to the video tutorial:

Sensor dimensions2019-03-01T17:04:34+01:00

Height: 120 mm
Diameter: 60 mm
Screw pitch: outer diameters (from smallest to largest): 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch

Registration & Registration of my sensor2019-03-15T15:07:29+01:00

You have just received a Fuel it sensor. Go to, click on the registration button. Above your sensor you will find an activation code, specific to each sensor. You must enter this code in the “your activation code” window. Following this step, you will access the parameter setting of the tank on which the sensor is installed.

Battery life of the sensor batteries2019-03-15T15:08:08+01:00

Depending on the number of shipments per day requested, the battery life can vary between 1 and 3 years.

Sigfox network – Will my sensor work outside French territory?2019-03-15T15:08:15+01:00

The Fuel it sensor currently has the chip RCZ1* Sigfox. This chip allows the sensor to operate in:

  • Europe ( subject to certain countries)
  • South Africa
  • Oman

Not to mention:

  • The West Indies
  • Polynesia
  • New Caledonia
  • Mauritius

For more details about the Sigfox network, please visit

In 2019, we will have sensors available for other geographical areas. 

How do I access the dashboard to view my data?2019-03-15T15:08:24+01:00

The dashboard is available online by clicking on the following link:

Do I need professional help to install the gauge?2019-03-15T15:08:32+01:00

Absolutely not. It is as easy to install the sensor as it is to aim a cap at a bottle.

Will the Fuel-it sensor be adaptable to my tank?2019-03-15T15:08:41+01:00

In 98% of cases, yes. The sensor will simply replace the cap of your tank and have the same thread pitch as the cap. The Fuel it sensor with its 3 different screw threads (1.25 inch, 1.5 inch & 2 inch) will easily fit the filling opening of your tank.

Sigfox Network – How do I know if the Sigfox network is available in my country?2019-03-15T15:08:54+01:00

We have developed a dedicated page, where you can enter your address and find out if you are covered by the network instantly.

Go to:

Will the sensor work if my tank is buried?2019-03-15T15:09:03+01:00

The sensor will operate under the condition of good Sigfox or LoRaWAN network coverage.

However, if your tank is preceded by an iron trapdoor, it will act as a Faraday cage, and the sensor signal will no longer pass.

I passed the magnet, but nothing happened. What to do about it?2019-03-15T15:09:15+01:00

If nothing has happened while passing the magnet, open the sensor and check that the batteries are still in place. Also check that the foam is not placed in front of the LED. Once these checks have been carried out, repeat the operation.

The message “Your tank or chimney is not properly configured”. What should I do?2019-03-15T15:09:31+01:00

A measurement has been greater than the height entered for your tank, please check again the dimensions entered in the tab “my alerts, my tank”. If you have a chimney, check if it is well informed, also pay attention to the units of measurement in which this information is requested.

I passed the magnet in front of my sensor, knowing that the alert threshold has been reached but I have not received any SMS or email alerts. Is that normal?2019-03-15T15:09:42+01:00

Indeed it is “normal” that you have not received anything, it is a magnetic trigger. A magnet trip is considered as a test or as an activation. This prevents companies or individuals, receiving a sensor and performing tests on it, from receiving XX emails and 5 SMS in a row, leaving them no longer the possibility of receiving SMS later in the month in case of real need.

The sensor does emit blue light, but I don’t see any readings on my FuelSens. Is that normal?2019-03-15T15:10:14+01:00

The reading may take a few seconds to arrive. Then, do not hesitate to refresh your page (F5 key on your keyboard). If you still don’t have readings after a few tests, you’re probably out of the network.

My sensor made a false measurement and this distorts my curve. What to do about it?2019-03-15T15:10:26+01:00

You can delete measurements made by your sensor in the tab “My sensors”, “Messages from your sensor”.

How do I set up my alerts?2019-03-15T15:10:34+01:00

You can set up your alerts in the “My alerts My tank” tab, according to two options: Fuel remaining in litres or days before failure. You can return to these values at any time by clicking on “change alert levels”. You will have the choice between Email or SMS alerts, you activate the options by clicking on the icons. A green icon indicates that the option is enabled.

Fill in the sensor thread.2019-03-15T15:10:43+01:00

Filling in the screw pitch on which the sensor is installed helps to ensure the accuracy of the data, you can fill in this information in the tab “My alerts, My tank”.

How to refine the estimated date before exhaustion?2019-03-15T15:10:53+01:00

In the “My account” area, a tab “My theoretical consumption” must be filled in according to different criteria such as, annual reference consumption, number of people living under the roof, housing surface, etc. This information is not essential, but helps to ensure the accuracy of the pre-break date estimates.

I am covered by the network according to the eligibility test, but no statement appears on my dashboard? Do I need a repeater?2019-03-15T15:11:03+01:00

Before contacting the Fuel it team, take the sensor with you and move around your tank ( within a radius of 100 meters) by regularly passing the magnet. Check that you have new sensor readings on your dashboard. If so, you need a repeater.

I lost the label on the top of my sensor. How do I find my registration number?2019-03-15T15:11:22+01:00

The number of the sensor chip corresponds to its activation code. Unscrew your sensor and look at the number written on the grey rectangle ( the largest) in the middle of the electronic board. The number begins with 00XXXXXXX.

What are the configurations in which the sensor signal will not pass?2019-03-15T15:11:37+01:00

Do not place the sensor under a metal plate , the signal will not pass. A sensor located under a shelter in a prison or between large buildings may not communicate properly with the network. A sensor placed in a place with very thick walls may also encounter communication problems.

A black gasket is placed on the base plate. Is it useful?2019-03-15T15:11:50+01:00

Yes ! do not lose it, be careful to replace it if you open the sensor, it is used to seal and measure the sensor correctly.

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