More than 20 happy lucky people have decided to preview our Fuel-it sensor.

We are printing the sensors to meet this demand.

To print the sensors, we used a spiderBot. However, the latter not being fully operational, we had to make many repairs.

After unlocking the thread stuck in the nozzle, set the gears and screwed a few bolts, the spiderbot left without warning! A fuse of the electronic card has dropped …

This fuse, not removable by default, gave us a hard time. A real work of goldsmith.

comparaison d'un fusible par rapport à une pièce de 10 centimes

Fuse next to the 10 centimes coin

imprimante 3D spiderbot

Dismantling the printer

Once our 3D printer rolled up, we set it on the wire then calibrated. The calibration is done to the tenth of a millimeter …

The 3D printer Spider bot is now fully operational to print our sensors in series (well … until the next bug 😉 )

We are now attacking the paint shop to give a touch of color to the sensors.

Stay connected. 😉

Sensor print in 3D