Monthly News – January Summary

//Monthly News – January Summary

Monthly News – January Summary

January is over, it’s time to take stock of the beginning of the year!

  • The first industrial series ready for delivery

Here is the most important news of this month: the realization of the first 100 sensors. The first sensors accompanied by their packaging, ready to be shipped to professionals and individuals.

These first 100 casings made in machining were only waiting for their electronic cards to leave for the adventure, here is something done!

  • The first buyers were delivered at the same time

From now on, some of the Fuel it sensors have left Burgundy to take place in homes as well as in factories. We look forward to the first returns from their installations.

  • Fuel it took place in the premises of the village By CACB – Rue des Godrans in Dijon

One of the very important news of this month is of course, our arrival in the heart of the village By CACB! We are in a magnificent setting, right in the centre of Dijon. These new premises will be a meeting place for future customers and will allow Fuel it to expand! We look forward to the arrival of the other different start-ups!

Here is a busy month of January for the Fuel it team! A very important phase for the start-up begins, that of the first installations as well as the first customer returns!

The Fuel it team will grow: we’ll tell you more in a while! 😉 Stay warm !

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