That’s it, February is over! It’s time to take stock of this month!

  • A bank loan obtained!

Crédit Agricole believes in our project and supports us. This new contribution will help the start-up Fuel it to expand, invest in equipment and much more! This is great news for us, the future is shaping up day by day with new perspectives!

  • Tests that prove the reliability of our sensor

Every opportunity is good, we keep doing tests as soon as we can! Each case may be different, and deserves to be studied. During a movement in the Morvan we were able to test the connected sensor on different tanks of different configurations and it was a great success!

  • First very positive feedback !

The first sensors sold and shipped allowed us to have a first return from individuals and professionals! Particularly positive as well as constructive feedback: we are particularly touched to see the investment shown by the different people who have acquired a connected sensor. These feedback are valuable to us, they help us to improve our service and much more! We take into account each remark and advice!

A big thank you to all those people who believe in us! Stay warm, see you soon for more news! 🙂