Fuel-it wins 1st IoT prize in the OPEN4STARTUP competition

//Fuel-it wins 1st IoT prize in the OPEN4STARTUP competition
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Fuel-it wins 1st IoT prize in the OPEN4STARTUP competition

The connected gauge wins a competition at Chalon

We are very pleased to announce Fuel-it’s victory in the OPEN4STARTUP competition organized by Nicéphore cité Chalon in the IoT & manufacturing category.

Thanks to this victory, Nicéphore cité Chalon offers us accommodation in the heart of an innovative business incubator for one year as well as a contribution of €10,000 for the development of our company.

The price also includes:
– Support in the development of the project carried out by experts
– Support by the Regional Incubator Prémice subject to eligibility by the
selection committee Prémice
– Access to the network of experts in the Digital Engineering, Image and Sound sector and to the network
French Tech
– Access to the FabLab in Nicéphore Cité (prototyping, proof of concept, small series)


Find all the details of the competition on the website de info-chalon

What next for Fuel It ?

This boost will allow us to recruit a developer to work on our mobile application, our dashboard, our BtoB platform and many other things!

The new school year is off to a great start for Fuel-it and we hope it will continue like this!

Stay connected and have a good day:)

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